Martinsville_2018_TE 2019-03-25

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Trackname: Martinsville 2018 TE
Year of creation: 2018
Racing sim: NASCAR Racing 2003
Author(s): Jason Skrocki (aka J Rock)
Updates : John Russell (aka Torch-1)
This track edit has been granted the appropriate permissions by the creator for updating.

Type: real
AI: Yes
Mod support: CUP,CTS,GNS
Description: 0.526-mile Oval

Installation instructions: After downloading file from the website, extract it into the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\tracks directory.

***************************** UPDATES ARE AS FOLLOWS ***************

Updates were done by John Russell (aka "Torch-1")

1- 3do's and track logos were created by John Russell using graphics from Google.
2- Created all new 3do's and graphics for Backstretch and Turn 3 to reflect the 2018 spring race Martinsville STP 500.
3- All new softwall logos To reflect the spring race Martinsville STP 500 2018.
4- All new billboard graphics and 3do's to reflect the spring race 2018.
5- Restart Zone added to reflect the spring race Martinsville STP 500.
6- Added new Haulers and Flagger Painted by John Norton.
7- Created new 3do and graphics for ILMOR Racing Engines hauler to reflect the spring race Martinsville STP 500.
8- Created new 3do and graphics for The Hot Dog Stand.
9- created new 3do and graphics for new building next to The Hot Dog Stand.
10- created All New 3do and graphics for video scoretower and screens with bottom animated with 20 different track sponsor advertisements.
11- Created all new 3do and graphics for Pit Garage.
12- Applied Monster Energy logos to walls where appropriate.
13- Video for Video Screens that reflect portions of the actual Martinsville STP 500 2018 spring race.
14- Added SAFER barrier to infield retaining walls.

Special Thanks:
Jason Skrocki (aka J Rock) For the wealth of track building knowledge and Help.

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1) This track may not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, or money
exchanged for this track or any part thereof.

2) This track may not be redistributed without written consent of the original
author, with exception of the sites listed above.

:relievedface: This track cannot be modifed without written consent of the original author.

4) Pieces of this track (not including the .ptf file) may be extracted and used for
other tracks, but cannot be used in projects for commercial purposes, and credit
to the original author should appear in a readme that is distributed with the new project.

5) This track must always maintain an unmodified copy of this readme in whatever form it
is distributed.

6) This track is covered by implied intellectual property laws, in that it is the property of the author.

7) This track is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.qverview.jpgnew backstretch.jpg

Latest reviews

good stuff!
Track looks amazing, although more time needs to be spent on that backstretch. Way to wide. I think we'd all appreciate it if you guys took the time to make that correction!
Looks awesome! love racing Martinsville.
wee hoo
Thanks a lot! Your tracks are awesome
one thing i see that you should add, and that is a night version (hopefully there will be martinsville night races in the future!).
You did an excellent job. The only reason I'm giving it a 4/5 is because the backstretch is too wide. If you look at a picture of it, it's only about 2/3 of what it is in this version of the track. But other than that, nice job.
thank you for this updated track awesome job!
Thank You to everyone involved with this!
Thanks, i like to race updated tracks