Dover_2019_TE 2020-11-03

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Trackname: Dover_2019_TE ( Dover 50th Anniversary Spring Race )
Year of creation: 2020
Racing sim: NASCAR Racing 2003/2007
Author: John Russell (aka Torch-1)
Type: real
AI: Yes
Mod support: CUP,CTS,GNS
Description: 1-mile Oval


Dover_2019_TE is a completely new scratch-built track using LIDAR laser scan data to
be as accurate to the real world track as possible using 3DS MAx for constucting the
3D model of the track suface. Models presented in the track were also made using 3DS MAx.
Photoshop was used to make all the graphics for the models.
Extention type
File size
31.4 MB
First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest reviews

Great Looking track! I am having an Issue with AI's and cars lapped cars pitting before Lead Lap cars and resulting in the leader being being 5 to 10 cars on restrats. Any way to fix this? Without that issue, this would be 5 stars!
I'll look into it and see what can be done.
Great looking track, races well, and fantastic to see such high accuracy from using LIDAR data. Hope to see more tracks done in this way in the future!
Thank you! My work continues. Getting ready to release Texas Motor Speedway soon! It's been a tough track to build for sure, The geometry was fairly easy but the accuracy of track side objects have been a challenge but I have worked through that and I'm finishing up on some shadow work!
Accurate geometry!
so good! thank you so much, this thing is amazing.
Thank You. Very Cool!

Im lookin forward to using this commonly.
Looks great can't wait ti try it.
Drove this track using several of the MODS and was impressed with what you see as you do laps on it. Very nice job by far and to me it is the best DOVER that I have used to date. Looking forward to more of your detailed work. Thanks for this one.
Awesome Job Jason. The detail work on this is OUTSTANDING!
Sorry bro Jason did not build this track but merely gave advice and mentoring, I built this track from scratch and made almost all of the 3do models and graphics. Just thought I should point it out to you since you were thanking Jason for my work!
Great track! Very clean graphics and fun to drive. Thank you for the update.
wonderful trackt hanks