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Las Vegas 2018 TE 2018-06-15


  1. Torch-1
    Track name: Las Vegas Motor Speedway Pennzoil 400
    Year of creation: 2018
    Racing sim: NASCAR Racing 2003
    Author(s): Jason Skrocki (aka J Rock)
    Updates : John Russell (aka Torch-1)

    This track edit has been granted the appropriate permissions by the creator for updating

    Type: real
    AI: Yes
    Mod support: CUP,CTS,GNS
    Description: 1.5-mile D-shaped Oval

    Installation instructions: After downloading Las_Vegas_2018_TE.zip file from the website, extract it into the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\tracks directory.

    Known Bugs: None

    Credits: Author(s): Jason Skrocki (aka J Rock)
    Papyrus for the game and tools.
    ***************************** UPDATES ARE AS FOLLOWS ***************

    Updates were done by John Russell (aka "Torch-1")

    1-- Re-Constructed the Grandstands and added sand in turn 1 and 4 to reflect the 2018 Pennzoil 400 configuration
    2-- Created new hills and added motorhomes,cars,truck and people for backstretch and turn 4
    3-- Updated all billboards to reflect the spring race 2018 Pennzoil 400
    4-- Changed all Safer barrier wall yellow to reflect the 2018 Pennzoil 400
    5-- Updated wall logos to reflect the spring race 2018 Pennzoil 400
    5-- Updated grass logos and ( Large Logos are 3do's ) to reflect the spring race 2018 Pennzoil 400
    7-- Added new Haulers Painted by -(John Norton)
    8-- Added ISM Vision Video Trailers
    9-- Created Coca Cola,Chevrolet,Fox,ISM and Goodyear Haulers
    10- Removed Lower Grandstands in turn 1 and turn 4 and added sandbanks to reflect the 2018 Pennzoil 400
    11- Created Pennzoil flags on hill in turn 4
    12- Updated the ISM Vision Video reflect the actual footage of the spring race 2018 Pennzoil 400
    13- Updated victory lane to reflect the spring race 2018 Pennzoil 400
    14- Updated Scoretowers
    15- All new 3do's created by John Russell (Torch-1)
    16- New Restart Zone wall logos

    Alternate Ai file:
    Ai @ 100% run 200+ mph but has more open racing. Current AI file has tight drafting and close racing.

    Special Thanks:
    Jason Skrocki (aka J Rock) For the wealth of track building knowledge and consultations on editing.

    Contributing websites:

    Distributing websites:


    Storage or Use of this track by installation into a racing simulator constitutes agreement with this and the following statements:

    1) This track may not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, or money
    exchanged for this track or any part thereof.

    2) This track may not be redistributed without written consent of the original
    author, with exception of the sites listed above.

    :relievedface: This track cannot be modified without written consent of the original author.

    4) Pieces of this track (not including the .ptf file) may be extracted and used for
    other tracks, but cannot be used in projects for commercial purposes, and credit
    to the original author should appear in a read me that is distributed with the new project.

    5) This track must always maintain an unmodified copy of this read me in whatever form it
    is distributed.

    6) This track is covered by implied intellectual property laws, in that it is the property of the author.

    7) This track is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.Track name: Las Vegas Motor Speedway Pennzoil 400


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Recent Reviews

  1. isaac perdomo
    isaac perdomo
    Version: 2018-06-15
    great job buddy can you update homestead-miami speedway whit day-to-night and yellow smoke in the frontstreight light blue section?
    1. Torch-1
      Author's Response
      I have plans on doing all the 2018 season!
  2. neco26
    Version: 2018-06-15
    great work on this track!
  3. Khanefan26
    Version: 2018-06-15
    WOW so immersive thx a lot for it !!!
  4. jj889fan
    Version: 2018-06-15
    Thanks for all the hard work! This is a beautiful and fun track to race on!
  5. Eric
    Version: 2018-06-15
    cool track but will you update Richmond please
  6. Mike32799
    Version: 2018-06-15
    thank you for all your hard work you put into these tracks. i hate to sound like a spoiled brat but have you ever thought about making a night version of this track? Just asking because the truck series ran their race at night
    1. Torch-1
      Author's Response
      It's not out of the realm of possibilities!
  7. Butch
    Version: 2018-06-15
    awesome work! thank you
  8. 24848fan4life
    Version: 2018-06-15
    Nice been waiting for this one for my offline season. Any chance for night version?

    1. Torch-1
      Author's Response
      Right now I'm concentrating on doing all the races in order for the 2018 season, Auto Club release will be soon.