Daytona 2017 TE

Daytona 2017 TE 2018-01-31

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This is an updated version of the track Daytona 500 2015 FSE / Released April 2015 by Freddy and Sean Enterprises.
I take no credit for the design and building of the track with the exception of the updates as follows.

Daytona 2017 TE ( Torch-1 Edition ) / John Russell.

What has been updated
Author:John Russell

Author:John Russell New 3do's and track logos were created by John Russell using graphics from google.
Author:John Russell New Infield 3do design to reflect the spring Daytona 500 2017.
Author:John Russell New Restart Zone 3do.
Author:John Russell New Infield and Track logos.
Author:John Russell New " 2 - ISM-Vision Large video Screens"
Author:John Russell New UNOH Hauler/ Goodyear Hauler/ Nascar on Fox Hauler/ Chevy Hauler/ FPL Energy Hauler/ Coca COla Hauler.

Author: James76" Daytona Rising Grandstands"

Author: John Norton (Wild Kustoms & Cars) Updated Monster Energy Haulers and Drivers haulers, Monster Energy flaggers

Added monster Energy logos to walls.

New " Video for SMall Video Screens that reflect portions of the actual spring race".
Removed backstretch grandstands and added billboards to reflect 2017 race.
Cars,People and trees to give a more natural feel to real track.

Complete overhaul of the infield.
Re-designed Pit Garages/ Victory Lane and Vitry lane Building/ Inspection Building/ Care Center Building.

I would like to thank all the track makers and those who continue to make tracks,cars and 3do's keeping Nascar Racing 2003 a viable game for so many years.
Also I would like to take the time to John Norton, Jason Skrocki and James76 for help and advise on making tracks etc....Daytona Infield.jpg

Latest reviews

Awesome track! Is there a 2019 one yet?
Currently working on Scratch builds of Richmond 2019 Dover 2019 using LIDAR scan data, Also half way through Texas 2019.
Cars getting stuck in pit lane.For what ever reason the cars go to pit lane and get stuck. by the time the race is half way only 5 or less cars are racing because everyone else is stuck on pit lane.
I just ran a test session on this, and it looks amazing!
Nice job!
Very Nice enjoy this track a lot. Kinda hard on FPS though but I also have a potato for a computer
Really really cool track, feels just like Daytona. But do you plan on putting in the SAFER barriers on the backstretch?
Yes when I do the 2018 version.
Great job! ai is excellent. Very good track detail.
I have had no issues what so ever. This track is very detailed and everything is proportional. Keep up the good work! Would love to see more tracks released from you!
Thank You!
Love the track! Despite the lack of safer barriers on the backstraightaway, it looks great! Will there be a July version? I hope so! Plus, I would love a 2017 update of the Talladega_2015APT track!
I have plans on doing the entire 2017 season tracks. Lofty goal but I have a lot of ambition and desire for updated tracks. Thanks
Its a great track and the AI is stellar, but the grandstand is an eyesore. I wish it had a bit more detail but the problem with that would definitely be a huge fps drop.