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Las_Vegas_2017_TE 2018-01-31


  1. Torch-1
    Trackname: Las Vegas Motor Speedway Kobalt 400
    Year of creation: 2017
    Racing sim: NASCAR Racing 2003
    Author(s): Jason Skrocki (aka J Rock)
    Updates : John Russell (aka Torch-1)
    This track edit has been granted the appropriate permissions by the creator for updating

    Type: real
    AI: Yes
    Mod support: CUP,CTS,GNS
    Description: 1.5-mile D-shaped Oval

    Installation instructions: After downloading Las_Vegas_2017_TE.zip file from the website, extract it into the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\tracks directory.

    Known Bugs: None

    Credits: Author(s): Jason Skrocki (aka J Rock)
    ***************************** UPDATES ARE AS FOLLOWS ***************

    Updates were done by John Russell (aka "Torch-1")

    1- Removed the Grandstands in turn 4 to reflect the 2017 Kobalt 400 configuration
    2- Created new hill and added motor homes,cars,truck and people for turn 4
    3- Updated all billboards to reflect the spring race 2017 Kobalt 400
    4- Updated wall logos to reflect the spring race 2017 Kobalt 400
    5- Updated grass logos to reflect the spring race 2017 Kobalt 400
    6- Added new Haulers and Flagger Painted by -(John Norton)
    7- Updated the Sprint Vison Trailer to be ISM Vision
    8- Updated the ISM Vision Video reflect the actual footage of the spring race 2017 Kobalt 400
    9- Updated victory lane to reflect the spring race 2017 Kobalt 400

    Special Thanks:
    Jason Skrocki (aka J Rock) For the wealth of track building knowledge and Help.

    Contributing websites:

    Distributing websites:

    http://stunodracing.net/ trkshot.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. will09988
    Version: 2018-01-31
    Great looking Track!
  2. Khanefan26
    Version: 2018-01-31
    Impressive job Its stunning!
  3. Rufio2031
    Version: 2018-01-31
    REALLY fun to drive. I love the all the detail. Awesome stuff!
  4. merrill96
    Version: 2018-01-31
    really awesome
  5. RowdySuarezNation1819
    Version: 2018-01-31
    Great job! Very accurate! Will you sometime make the 2017 Homestead track with the blue paint on the frontstretch?
    1. Torch-1
      Author's Response
      Yes I plan on doing Homestead. I am currently working on The Auto Club 400 and two versions of Phoenix ( Phoenix 2017 and Phoenix 2018 ) Also plan on doing the entire 2017 season tracks. Thank you for your comments.