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This one caught by surprise...maybe a Falcon to go with it?
More great stuff thanks Bill
Great Work
I have had and used this since 2014 thanks for the repost it's a great set.
This is something I'v needed from time to time and was not wanting to spend the time making, glad you posted these Bill
Really like these Mopar car sets Bill. Thank You!
Thanks Phil.
How do you get 47 cars to the track?
Very nice.
Another nice temp Bill, thanks for all your work being posted here.
Thank you Mr. Bill!!
Thank you Mr. Bill!!
Nice to See someone still uses the Template that I made.
Mopar mad man
Mopar mad man
I love that template It has been in storage for awhile and did not remember who to give credit to. That is going to be corrected.
Nice Job Bill.
Thanks Tom
This was a really neat track to check out, and those lighting effects are awesome! It looks so cool when driving fast in all car views.
Tried it, loved it. Great job!
Good to see this posted
Excellent job! Thanks for doing this.
Very nice work on this martinrace!
Definitely THE most unique and interesting track for NR2003 I have EVER seen. Keep up the good work!
This is a good start and I love the idea of taking on a time frame for a track that has never been done for this game. That being said, this track has a lot of work needing to be done with random paint lines in the grass on the backstretch, shadows in odd areas, floating fences, wall textures needing properties applied, era specific objects added (like trucks and safety vehicles.) I've had some AI issues with crashes, as well as pitting. Again, it's a good start, but I do hope more work gets done on this, as it'd be a shame to see it not fleshed out. Keep it up and take your time with making this track, as it can become something special.
Isn't the fix patch just a fix for copy protection? I might be wrong.
No, it fixed a few issues found in the original version
Great Stuff; would love to see more CART / IRL carsets for this mod like from 1990-2000s