SCA Motorplex

SCA Motorplex 0.82 Beta

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Just a small update for SCA Motorplex tonight.

-lessened banking on kink after turn 4 to 5 degrees​
-rerecorded pit lp​
-fixed a blend in line penalty​
-changed starter decisions a little (from 1550, 1650 to 1500, 1600)​
-lowered pit road and pace speed to 45​
-moved pit merge point to pits back and from pits forward​
-added crowd sounds​
Today I decided to go back to SCA Motorplex and fix it up some after driving around the track a bunch more times. I'll make a short list of changes here.

-Put down the inner wall on turn 4, added the banking to the kink, and moved the wall forward and backward to expose the necessary grass​
-Moved the buildings behind turn 4 back​
-Added more trees​
-Put down the asphalt that's next to the grandstands near the start/finish line​
-Cut down the bridge section to only the part that laps over the underpass​
-Changed the grandstands near turn 4 to a smaller one​
-Lengthened the grandstands near the second hairpin​
-Made buildings that were too tall shorter​
I've included a picture in case you want to compare before and after out of curiosity.