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  1. KitsuneAmy

    Trial Mountain Circuit 0.8 Beta

    Here's the next Gran Turismo road course I've made, Trial Mountain, as it appears in Gran Turismo 3. It is a 2.470-mile, 15 turn track. The full and partial pace lap, pit cameras, banking, elevation, and environment have been implemented. Please, tell me what you think, and enjoy. Credit to...
  2. KitsuneAmy

    Grand Valley Speedway 0.81 Beta

    Today I'm ready to release this track, Grand Valley Speedway, as it appears in Gran Turismo 3. It is a 3.070-mile, 18 turn road course, that's been in the series since the first game. Most things I have finished and implemented, including full and partial pace lap, all LPs and crowd sounds. I...
  3. KitsuneAmy

    Cocoa Beach Raceway 0.81 Beta

    Today's track is Cocoa Beach Speedway, a 3-mile road course from Nascar Thunder 2002 on the Playstation. It's a very fast course, with long, sweeping banked turns. There's still a bit I can do to it left, but all the heavy lifting is done. Credit to Papyrus and the makers of Suzuka_GTP...
  4. KitsuneAmy

    Mid-field Raceway 0.8 Beta

    Today's track is Mid-field Raceway. Started construction at about 1 PM today and ended at about 9:30 PM. This is a figure-eight like road course, at 2.21 miles long and consisting of fourteen turns. Its layout is based on Gran Turismo 4's and its' appearance is based on Gran Turismo 3. I don't...
  5. KitsuneAmy

    Long Valley 1 0.8 Beta

    Here's a new track I've made, this time being Long Valley 1 from the first Ford Racing game on Playstation. It is a 1.5-mile road course with nine turns. This was a budget title, so there's a lot left to be desired environment-wise, but I like the track layout and have raced on it many times as...
  6. KitsuneAmy

    SCA Motorplex 0.82 Beta

    Another track from Destruction Derby 2 comes to NR2003 today. This time it's SCA Motorplex, a figure-eight that measures at just over one mile. As usual, everything has been implemented and the track is fully playable, and all there is left to do is cosmetic. Included below are some pictures of...
  7. KitsuneAmy

    High Speed Ring 0.81 Beta

    The next track I've made is High Speed Ring, and I decided to make the one from Gran Turismo 4. It is a 2.485-mile road course with 6 turns. I've done as much as I can with this track for now, except I had trouble putting banking on turn 2. All LPs are made, full and partial pace lap...
  8. KitsuneAmy

    Red Rock Valley Speedway 0.82 Beta

    This is Red Rock Valley, the 2.5-mile part speedway, part road course. It appears in only Gran Turismo 2, which is a shame because it's an awesome track. I've added as much detail as I can at the moment, driving around the track in-game and putting down what I saw to the best of my ability...
  9. KitsuneAmy

    Complex String 0.8 Beta

    Here it is, in all its' glory - Complex String, the almost seven mile test track that has all the features racetracks tend to have, S-curves, right angle turns, sweeper turns, a chicane, 90-degree turns, blind corners, and long straights. All the sand, curbs, cones, paint, and asphalt has been...
  10. KitsuneAmy

    Special Stage Route 11 0.81 Beta

    This is Special Stage Route 11, a track featured in both Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo 3. It is a 2.8-mile city circuit based on a fictional city where the sun does not rise. This was also the first track I started and the first I showcased, showing an alpha to people who could potentially help...
  11. JustLiam

    Is there a way to make Road Courses more racey?

    Hi everyone, hope this is in the correct place...I have sonoma coming up in the next round of my state’s championship and wondered if there is a way I can edit the INI file to make it more the moment, all the cars just follow each other around...about 6 car lengths apart lol. Thank you
  12. Cynon

    Rainbow Road 1.1.0

    Just in time for pride month, here's my take on Rainbow Road for NR2003. You can knock the AI out into space. Sources for some textures include the Mario Kart games, and Solar System Scope. This track was not based off of any of the Mario Kart layouts, but it's mostly inspired by Mario Kart...
  13. Cynon

    Golden State Motorsports Park (GSMP) 1.0.0

    This is a 3.3 mile, very fast road course that is set in the south bay area in California. I drew the layout about 4 or 5 months before any objects were placed, because I wasn't sure it would be really good. Then I decided to add a ton of elevation, scaled the track up a bit, and holy hell it's...