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  1. KitsuneAmy

    SCA Motorplex 0.82 Beta

    Another track from Destruction Derby 2 comes to NR2003 today. This time it's SCA Motorplex, a figure-eight that measures at just over one mile. As usual, everything has been implemented and the track is fully playable, and all there is left to do is cosmetic. Included below are some pictures of...
  2. KitsuneAmy

    High Speed Ring 0.81 Beta

    The next track I've made is High Speed Ring, and I decided to make the one from Gran Turismo 4. It is a 2.485-mile road course with 6 turns. I've done as much as I can with this track for now, except I had trouble putting banking on turn 2. All LPs are made, full and partial pace lap...
  3. KitsuneAmy

    Red Rock Valley Speedway 0.82 Beta

    This is Red Rock Valley, the 2.5-mile part speedway, part road course. It appears in only Gran Turismo 2, which is a shame because it's an awesome track. I've added as much detail as I can at the moment, driving around the track in-game and putting down what I saw to the best of my ability...
  4. KitsuneAmy

    Pine Hills Raceway 0.91 Beta

    Here's another track, this time it's Pine Hills Raceway from Destruction Derby 2. The official length stated in the game's manual is 2.695 miles and considering it takes a car around 20 seconds to do a lap there in the real game, it needed to be shortened for an adaptation for NR2003. My...
  5. KitsuneAmy

    Super Speedway 0.91 Beta

    This is Super Speedway, as it appears in Gran Turismo 3. The track itself is based on the Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway in Motegi, Japan. It is a 1.495-mile egg-shaped oval. I've made it as much like it appears in the game as I can, minus a few details I'd like to add but don't have resources...
  6. CodyHGaming

    NR2003 Hot Lapping: Outlaws GNS @ Slinger 2016 WKC

    I'm gonna try making one of these hot lap thread thingys. Mainly because I wanna see people racing at one of my favorite tracks (also one of the closest to me): Slinger SuperSpeedway located in Slinger Wisconsin. For those of you unfamiliar it's basically like Wall Stadium. Good luck! Outlaws...
  7. CodyHGaming

    Complete Cup90 Jimmy Horton 1995 ARCA Chevy Render Request

    Hey there! If you would be able to help out with this render I will be eternally grateful. Here is my attempt at Jimmy Horton's #52 1995 ARCA Chevrolet Monte Carlo that he ran/flipped during the 1995 Hoosier General Tire 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway in the ARCA Racing Series. Since the grainy...