SCA Motorplex

SCA Motorplex 0.82 Beta

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Another track from Destruction Derby 2 comes to NR2003 today. This time it's SCA Motorplex, a figure-eight that measures at just over one mile.

As usual, everything has been implemented and the track is fully playable, and all there is left to do is cosmetic. Included below are some pictures of the track, including a render I made of the render of the track from the game's manual.

Credit to Papyrus and the makers of Suzuka_GTP, Clubman Stage Route 5, and Twin_Ring_Motegi for 3dos used on this track.

SCA Motorplex4.png

SCA Motorplex.pngSCA Motorplex2.png
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    Just a small update for SCA Motorplex tonight. -lessened banking on kink after turn 4 to 5...
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Latest reviews

Once again nice job with recreating another dd2 track however i do notice the ai has trouble entering the pits though.
So, I drove this track and watched an AI race. I think this track has a lot of potential and it looks amazing. I'm loving it. I look forward to more about this and other tracks.
thank you for all your efforts and doing these tracks!