(Fictional) Chris Buescher Planters Patriotic

(Fictional) Chris Buescher Planters Patriotic 2019-07-10

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Story Time!! So, after the Xfinity race at Pocono, I fell in love with the Planters colors on a race car. I also wanted an opportunity to have a scheme I designed on an actual Nascar. So I decided to paint this patriotic car for Chris to run at either Chicagoland, Daytona, or Kentucky. Well it came time to email it to them, and it turns out they din't have an email that I could reach out to them. So I tried to contact them on instagram and that also didn't work. So here we are about a month later, and I'm heart broken to find out he's actually running a Planters car this week..... Man what could've been a dream come true for me if I had a way to contact them. Thanks for actually reading that if you did, and as always, leave me feedback and enjoy!
Template: Splash N' Go Graphics
Paint and Original Design: Me
Numbers: Big Evil Racing.
Render: TMS

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