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  1. Canned Failure

    Fictional 2020 Daniel Suarez #96 Arris Camry 1.0

    This is a fictional 2020 paint scheme of Daniel Suarez driving the #96 Arris Camry for Gaunt Brothers Racing. Originally was going to be a car file but my NR2003 wouldn't open. Credits: Template: Splash & Go Numbers: BigEvilRacing Logos: Google Windshield Banner: Bill1947 Renders: Garrett1127
  2. A

    IROC 2020 carset - Pinty's mod 1.01

    NOTE: I found out while uploading this that there's a new IROC mod out on the same day, I had no idea that was happening and I definitely would have waited and made it for that if I'd known - I've been working on this one for a couple weeks. As soon as I saw the Supra template Bill1947 made for...
  3. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Fictional - Joey Gase #66 Eternal Fan Throwback 6.6

    Apologies for incorrect section submission but here is a little fictional on a Carl Long car, when he didn't run his own team an a Chevy Credits: Logos: Google Contingencies: OneToughCustomer Render: TMS Number: Big Evil Racing Template: Splash & Go Base: Me Reference Image:
  4. TheFlynnZone

    MENSC19 Fictional - Jordan Anderson #93 JGR-JAR 9.3

    No I am not joking about how this idea started off but here's a little fictional car about Jordan Anderson Racing teaming up with JGR to run the #93 Bommarito Toyota. Credits: Logos: Google Contingencies: OneToughCustomer Render: TMS Number: Big Evil Racing Template: Splash & Go Base: JRFan8188
  5. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Fictional - Camden Murphy #52 5.2

    A little custom car that I made for the console game's All Star race now remade for NR2003 because copying the left side to the right is a nightmare in the console game's paint booth. But here it is. Also apologies for the right side's B-Pillar Credits: Logos: Google Contingencies...
  6. Canned Failure

    MENCS19 Matt Tifft Fictional Throwback 1.0

    This is a fictional throwback paint scheme for Matt Tifft's #36 Ford. The scheme is a throwback to Ken Schrader's 2000 M&M's car, however since Tunity and Love's are the sponsors any M&M's logos or decals couldn't be used, that's why instead they are blank circles and instead of the M&M's...
  7. Q

    (Fictional) Chris Buescher Planters Patriotic 2019-07-10

    Story Time!! So, after the Xfinity race at Pocono, I fell in love with the Planters colors on a race car. I also wanted an opportunity to have a scheme I designed on an actual Nascar. So I decided to paint this patriotic car for Chris to run at either Chicagoland, Daytona, or Kentucky. Well it...
  8. flyingpizza98

    MarioCar 1.0

    Hey guys. Sorry I uploaded it a bit later than I said I would. I've been a little busy lately, but hope you all like it Paint schemes designed to resemble vehicles in Mario Kart Wii Logos and Decals: Google Images, Bing Images Fonts: Car/Driver Template: Splash N Go Pit...
  9. TheFlynnZone

    Jeffrey Earnhardt - 2019 iK9 Fictional Throwback 2019-05-03

    While making the Craven remaster on the Mustang, I made a custom logo that I made on N15 originally for career mode purposes, so why not make a entire car based on it but with iK9/JGR sponsorship. So here it is Credits: Logos: Google, Me Contingencies: OneToughCustomer Driver Banner...
  10. 18Hutless

    Brett Moffitt 2019 Fictional 2019-04-14

    Credits: Template: Splash n' Go Graphics Number: bakes991 (Big Evil Racing) Logos: Google Thought I would bring back an iconic sponsor for a deserving driver. Enjoy!!!!
  11. A

    MENCS 2019 Fictional Keystone Light #85 Mustang 2019-03-28

    Template: SNG Logos: Google and Mopar Mad Man Numbers: Stunod Base: Me Render: TMS
  12. A

    MENCS 2017/18 Fictional RC Cola #69 Ford Fusion 2019-03-25

    I think I might be getting the hang of this Template: Splash 'n' Go Numbers: JrFan8188 Logos: Google Base: Me
  13. JimmieJohnson48

    2019 MENCS Fictional - Kyle Busch Z-Line Designs "Kimmy" 1.1

    Kyle Busch's Z-Line Designs "Kimmy" car that he ran in the NASCAR Xfinity Series at Richmond International Raceway in September of 2010, reimagined on the 2019 MENCS Toyota Camry. I may also make a version of this car on the 2018 NASCAR Xfinity Series Toyota Camry and the 2019 NASCAR Xfinity...
  14. A

    MENCS 2018 Fictional Zaxby's #91 Camry 2019-03-22

    My second car, be gentle!!! I hope you like it, advice wanted and needed!!! Template: Splash 'n' Go Logos and Numbers: Google and Stunod Base: Me
  15. A

    #28 Hardee's/ Carl's Jr Camaro 2019-03-18

    This my first car I have ever uploaded. Be kind. Any advice would be appreciated. Temp: Splash 'n' Go Num: JrFan8188 Logos: Google, Mad Mopar Man, Highbank Base: Me Render: TMS
  16. OneToughCustomer

    [FICTIONAL] Ryan Blaney PPG Darlington Throwback Mustang 2019-03-07

    A fictional Ryan Blaney PPG Throwback Mustang Credits: Base: @Bill1947 Logos: Bill1947/Google/ @Mopar mad man B-Pillars: Alan Harkleroad Numbers: BER Template: SNG Render: Yours truely:p
  17. DaMan

    #43 Telefónica/Movistar Mazda (Minardi Fictional Car) 2019-02-20

    hey GTP mod by Team Redline Mazda template by Wardog Design Daytona Road Course by Greg FOZ Foslien
  18. emanuelanto

    #4 Aperol Spritz Dodge 2019-02-11

    A fictional Aperol Spritz's Paint Scheme, on a 2004 Dodge Intrepid's template. Credits: Slippy for template, SRD for contingencies, The Mod Squad for renders, Google for logos, decals and numbers.
  19. emanuelanto

    #7 Fictional Edelbrock Toyota 2019-02-10

    A Fictional Edelbrock's Paint Scheme, on a Toyota's 2007 Camry template. Credits: RSJR14 and Zone15 for template, The Mod Squad for render, SRD for contingencies, Google for logos and numbers. Enjoy!
  20. emanuelanto

    #51 Fictional Bridgestone Toyota 2019-02-09

    A fictional Bridgestone's Paint Scheme, realized on a Toyota's template. This will be, probably, the last work for this mod. Credits: Splash And Go for template, SRD for contingencies, The Mod Squad for render, Google for logos and numbers. Enjoy!