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  1. Q

    David Ragan 2019 Bristol 2 2019-08-18

    Hey, I'm back again! I was just at the Bristol night race and had to recreate this scheme now that I've gotten home. Don't expect me to upload frequently, School just started back up and I just don't feel like spending my free time painting. If I do upload it will be a Rick Ware Racing Bristol...
  2. N

    19 - Auto Owners Insurance Martin Truex's Jr 500th Start - Michigan 2 1.1

    This is my first paint in a while, Martin Truex's Jr. Auto Owners Insurance 500th Start paint scheme from Michigan 2. Credits: Template: SNG Base: Me Render: garrett1127 (Modified SNG scene,Rogue fin mod) Number: BER Logos:Google, Me, NT4 designs Pit Crew: NT4 designs
  3. DMR Mann

    2019 Trey Hutchens III 2 Pack 1.0

    These are two of the trucks Trey Hutchens has run so far this season. This was actually one of my most difficult trucks to create logo wise. I've never even heard of any of these companies and some were completely hidden. These were supposed to be done yesterday, but something else came up and I...
  4. thermite917

    2019 Austin Hill Truck Set 1.0

    Included: United Rentals (Martinsville) Safelite (Texas 1) Ennis (Texas 2) ARCO (Iowa) Sirius XM (Chicagoland) Toyota Tsusho (Kentucky) Credits: Mod: Om3gA Templates: Bill1947, Smiffsden (warwagon) Renders: The Mod Squad Sponsors: Google Numbers: Big Evil Racing Bases, Warwagon: me...
  5. Q

    David Ragan 2019 Long John Silvers 2019-07-16

    Fish Yeah! Sorry for the wait, at first I waited to make the car until I saw it on track because Front Row Motorsports has a habit of putting out renders that are inaccurate to the real car. Then I was also traveling yesterday, and I got hit with a wave of laziness today. Anyways, leave me feed...
  6. Q

    (Fictional) Chris Buescher Planters Patriotic 2019-07-10

    Story Time!! So, after the Xfinity race at Pocono, I fell in love with the Planters colors on a race car. I also wanted an opportunity to have a scheme I designed on an actual Nascar. So I decided to paint this patriotic car for Chris to run at either Chicagoland, Daytona, or Kentucky. Well it...
  7. Q

    Matt Tifft 2019 Surface Sunscreen 2 Pack 2019-07-10

    So I finally decided to do this one. This pack has his cars from Pocono and Michigan. (So basically one has the Nascar Salutes logo and one doesn't) Hope you all enjoy and leave me feedback. I have a surprise coming up in a bit. Credits: Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Paint: Me Numbers: Big...
  8. Q

    Matt Tifft 2019 Ron Jon Surf Shop 2019-07-09

    It has been a crazy week painting wise for me, I literally just finished this a couple minutes ago, and I started a couple hours ago. Here's Matt Tifft's Ron Jon Surf Shops scheme that he ran at Daytona. Hope y'all enjoy, and leave me feedback. Credits: Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Paint: Me...
  9. Q

    J.J. Yeley 2019 Pocono 2019-07-09

    I can't put into words how awesome this has been to paint this many cars. Here's another one to fill the void, and it's J.J. Yeley's #52 Steakhouse Elite/ Weis Markets Camaro from Pocono. As always, leave me feedback, and I hope you all enjoy. Credits: Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Paint: Me...
  10. Q

    Matt Tifft 2019 Acquire Investments. (Sonoma) 2019-07-09

    Yep, thought I might as well get this done to fill some of the voids for everyone. Hope you enjoy. Also leave me feedback and feel free to give me some car suggestions too. Credits: Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Paint: Me Logos: Google
  11. Q

    Jimmie Johnson 2019 Ally Patriotic 2019-07-09

    So, this is actually my first request. Thank you to JimmieJohnson48 for suggesting this car. I know that this one has been made by many other people but I was able to get my hands on the exact type of camo on the actual paint scheme, so mine is a bit more accurate on that reguard. Anyway I hope...
  12. Q

    Michael McDowell 2019 Chicagoland 2019-07-06

    Hope you all enjoy, Leave me feedback as always. Credits: Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Logos: Google Paint: Me
  13. Q

    Michael McDowell 2019 Coke 600 2019-07-06

    I can't put into words how awesome this is.. I'll be posting the Chicagoland car right after this. Before I see the comments about it, I know the lines on the back are off, it's just so hard to judge that compared to the sides, I hope you all can look past that flaw though, I'm just glad I...
  14. Q

    Michael McDowell 2019 Long John Silvers 2019-07-05

    I'm going to make this short sweet and to the point.... That's what I like! Hope y'all enjoy, and as always leave me feedback. Credits: Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Paint: Me Logos: Google Designer of the car: Kyle Sykes
  15. Dalejr8802

    Matt Dibenidetto Sonoma 2019 2019-07-04

    I'm not the best at painting, so creative advice would be helpful This is the car that Matt Dibenidetto drove to a career best 4th place finish. Credits: Sponsor Logos- Levine Family Racing Number- Me Everything else- Google
  16. Q

    2019 Chris Buescher Thrill of the Grill Pack 2019-07-01

    It's back and it's black! The Thrill of the Grill value pack is here. And thanks to everyone's feedback, I redid the design because the orange line was way too big and the design was very inaccurate. But since you all brought it up I fixed it! So remember to leave me feedback! It is more...
  17. Q

    2019 Chris Buescher Speed Up Your Cleanup Pack 2019-07-01

    It's here! Sorry for the wait... You all can finally have the accurate versions of both of Chris Buescher's Speed Up Your Cleanup cars from Martinsville and Texas. It probably would've been out sooner if it wasn't painted by a lazy 15 year old A.K.A. Me. I've had plenty of time to paint them...
  18. MrHeartGrenade

    2019 Ryan Newman Darlington Throwback 2019-06-02

    I hope this turned out well. I spent a bit of time on this. I believe this is my best car I've painted so far. Credits: Number - BER Logos: Google images, Logopedia, Wikipedia Template - SNG Render - TMS Downloading - You!
  19. Hii

    2019 MENCS1 - Paul Menard - 21 - Bristol 2

    Template: Splash N' Go. Base: Me. Logos: Google/Me. Number: Google.
  20. N

    MENCS19 MLB 2019 Carset 2019-03-29

    Almost three years after the original, this is MLB Carset 2.0 built for the MENCS19 mod. Both CUP and CTS physics. Ratings and pit crews included. Mod/Templates: Splash N Go ... Bases: Paint by RAH ... Numbers: Big Evil Racing