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  1. Q

    Chris Buescher Fast Start Pack 2019-10-18

    Finally! I devoted myself to make another Chris Buescher car! Here are his Kroger Fast Start cars from the 2nd Michigan and Pocono races. Enjoy! Credits: Paint: Me Number: Big Evil Racing Render: The Mod Squad Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Fast Start Logo: Thunder98 Other Logos: Google
  2. Q

    (Fictional) Chris Buescher Planters Patriotic 2019-07-10

    Story Time!! So, after the Xfinity race at Pocono, I fell in love with the Planters colors on a race car. I also wanted an opportunity to have a scheme I designed on an actual Nascar. So I decided to paint this patriotic car for Chris to run at either Chicagoland, Daytona, or Kentucky. Well it...
  3. Q

    2019 Chris Buescher Thrill of the Grill Pack 2019-07-01

    It's back and it's black! The Thrill of the Grill value pack is here. And thanks to everyone's feedback, I redid the design because the orange line was way too big and the design was very inaccurate. But since you all brought it up I fixed it! So remember to leave me feedback! It is more...
  4. Q

    2019 Chris Buescher Speed Up Your Cleanup Pack 2019-07-01

    It's here! Sorry for the wait... You all can finally have the accurate versions of both of Chris Buescher's Speed Up Your Cleanup cars from Martinsville and Texas. It probably would've been out sooner if it wasn't painted by a lazy 15 year old A.K.A. Me. I've had plenty of time to paint them...
  5. Pantallica

    MENCup2018 - Chris Buescher - Kroger/Cheerios (RIC2) 1.0

    Chris Buescher's car that he'll be running at Richmond. Enjoy! Credits, Template - Splash N' Go Graphics Numbers - Big Evil Racing Logos - Fosterick, Alan Harkleroad (Signature),,, RacinGrafx,,,, Google Images Contigs -...
  6. Pantallica

    Complete MENCS18 Camero Render Request

    May I please get a render of this car, if so a two car scene with the driver would be perfect. Thanks for your time! Credits, Template - Splash N' Go Graphics Numbers - Big Evil Racing Logos - Fosterick, Alan Harkleroad (Signature),,, RacinGrafx,
  7. Pantallica

    Complete MENCup2018 Camero Request

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ How and where are planning to use this paint? Offline Racing Sim:NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Mod:MENCup2018 Car Model:Camero Requesting just the BASE? Yes Driver Name: Number: Number Font or Link...
  8. Pantallica

    Cup Pitcrew Set (Part 3) V.1

    Here are some more pitcrews that I made, enjoy! Please give credit if used! Credits, Logos - RacinGrafx, Stunod, TeamSBR Google Images Numbers - BigEvilRacing Signatures - crazyboy335, dallaire18
  9. Pantallica

    MENCup2017 - Chris Buescher Bush's Beans Car V.1

    Chris Buescher's Bush's Beans car from 2017, enjoy! Credits, Logos - Alan Harkleroad, Google Images Numbers - Big Evil Racing Template - Splash N' Go Graphics Contigs - Splash N' Go Graphics Render - TheModSquad
  10. Ahapp

    Chris Buescher Bush's Chili Beans 2017 Chevy SS 2017-11-02

    First time posting a paint scheme ever.. B Pillar is still missing a couple logo's I haven't been able to find but the rest are matched to the Talladega version of the scheme. Credits: Template and #'s BER , Paint Scheme: Me , Logo's: Google
  11. hokiegrad

    2017 37 Chris Buescher Kansas-1 2017-05-20

    This is the scheme Chris Buescher drove at Kansas last week Base: me Logos: google Number: JTG Daugherty Racing Temp: Bill1947 Comes with crew and ratings based on 2017 so far!!