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DMRNXS16 Templates PSD 2016-12-30

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Includes Hi-Res version at 2048x2048 for Camry, Mustang, Challenger, and Camaro.

This Mod was created by Denis Rioux from DMR and company.

Zmod files created by: Bill Anderson

Uploaded to with permission from Denis Rioux to help preserve his work and continue to share these great mods with the community!
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Amazing. Actually has rookie stripes built into it. Good job guys! Just got it, so I haven't done much else
I agree with Adam. Maybe you can just go to another site and get what you want since the templates here are not up to your standards!!!
It will not download to my computer with Windows Vista
You would rate this file a 1 star because you can't download it? 167 people have downloaded it without any known problems that we know of... is the 1 star rating how you rate your computer because it sounds like you need to maybe look there before bashing a file you haven't even got yet. Maybe try in a different browser.