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  1. Andrew54

    NASCAR 2020

    Welcome to the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season! BIG changes were made to the cup schedule back in 2019, including new playoff tracks, a doubleheader at Pocono, and finally a night race at Martinsville. Here is a look at the new schedule. Race Number, Race Track. Playoff races in yellow 1...
  2. TomDaven

    1995 SuperTruck Series by Craftsman + 1994 SuperTruck Exhibitions Season Files 1994-1995 V2

    *Update* I decided to split the 1994 races into to 2 separate season files, one for the short sprints and one for the winter heats at Tucson (phoenix97). Season Files include: All 20 SuperTruck series races from 1995 minus Tucson which has not been made yet for NR2003. All 4 SuperTruck...
  3. TomDaven

    International Race of Champions 1996-2006 Season Files 1.0

    1996-2006 Season files for the International Race of Champions series. Season files made for use with: IROC mod: '96-'06 carsets:
  4. Kyle Funderburk

    Creating my offline YouTube league, seeking advice

    I plan on starting an offline NR2003 league to run on YouTube starting next year and I'm wanting advice for this league from both people who run (or have run) and watch NR2003 leagues on YouTube. What would you like to see? What of my plans outlined below do you think would be a bad idea? What...
  5. Elly Productions

    #41 Daniel Suarez Haas Automation MENCS2019 2019-02-10

    Template: Splash N' Go; Logos: Google Images; Numbers: Big Evil Racing; Pit Crew: Pantallica
  6. Hozkr Mejia

    MENCS 19 HDRI Scene ( Corona Renderer) V 1.0

    It is important to know the correct way to import the paints inside the materials, such as changing the view of the camera and setting the rendering time. It is important to know that this scene is developed in 3Ds Max and Corona Render. To use it, you will need 3Ds Max 2014 - 2019 and Corona...
  7. purerushracingleague

    Bubba Wallace Wendell Scott Fictional Throwback 2019-01-13

    I had this idea a long time ago, thought today I'd finally make it a reality. Obviously Bubba and Wendell are both African American drivers who stand out in their own respective eras, so I thought it was so fitting that he could run a throwback for it. CREDS: Temp: The SNG Gang Numbers...
  8. Wjw1888

    2019 Natalie Decker N29 Toyota Tundra 2019-01-13

    Credits: Numbers: BER Template: Om3ga, Bill1947 Tundra parts. Logos: Google Render: The Mod Squad
  9. Wjw1888

    2019 Timmy Hill CrashClaimsR.US Toyota Camry 2019-01-11

    Credits: Template: SNG Number: BER Logos: Google, Me Render: Stunod
  10. TomDaven

    2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Season Files 1.0

    The 2019 NASCAR Cup Series Schedule with 3 versions: Full Season (36 races) Regular Season (26 races) Playoffs (10 races) Main purpose for the Splash N' Go Graphics MENCS 2019 mod: *Extra tip* Change the chassis type of...
  11. TomDaven

    2018 ARCA Racing Series Season File 1.0

    2018 Daytona Carset by BryceO: #1 Lucas Oil 200/Daytona Rising (80L) #2 Music City 200/music_city_motorplex (200L) #3 Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA 200/salem_dr (200L) #4 General Tire 200/Talladega_2014 (76L) #5 Menards 200 Presented by Federated...
  12. tchacha

    Reiza Automobilista TRUCK SERIES ELDORA

  13. Andrew54

    My 2018 race predictions VS. The actual results.

    Before the 2018 Monster Energy Cup Season started, I made a list of what driver would win each race. Now that the season is just about over, I thought I would share these predictions. Green = winner predicted correctly Yellow = team predicted correctly Orange = Manufacturer predicted correctly...
  14. TomDaven

    2018 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East/West Season Files 1.0

    Season File for both NASCAR K&N Series for 2018. *Some West tracks have not been made for NR2003* 2018 Carsets by Ben Althen on SRD: K&N East carset: K&N West carset...
  15. Monty27

    The History of NASCAR Mainbacks 2018-09-15

    ************************** Here are some new Mainbacks to fit the shape of one of the new menu setups from: UIE_2013_Complete_Collection_Edition by Mystical from AD Racing Designs (C) 2013. (01 - MENUS/ Nascar_Menus/ Bottom) Required: Download and install: UIE_2013_Complete_Collection_Edition...
  16. Anakin

    Chase Elliott 2018 Throwback 2018-07-11

    Credits: Logos: Google Template: Splash n Go
  17. Jonny683

    Complete Miller Genuine Draft PINTY's Ford

    How and where are planning to use this paint? Personal Use and Public distribution (Only on Stunod. I don't like keeping my requests private and want others to be able to enjoy the car. If you are not comfortable with posting the car for public download, I understand. This community grew from...
  18. Magnus864

    Magnus's New Showroom

    Hey guys! I've been away for quite a while, as my last computer took a massive dump and slowed down to like, Morgan Shepherd/Mike Harmon levels of slow. So I (painstakingly) backed up all of my more recent rides, and transferred them to this new machine. Here, I will show you all what I've been...
  19. TomDaven

    2018 NASCAR Pinty's Series Season File 3.0

    Seeing as the NPS2017 mod by Splash 'n' Go Graphics released recently. I thought it would be a good idea to make a season file for the 2018 NASCAR Pinty's Series. The Schedule: Track name is the name of the track in NR2003. #1-Clarington 200 (51 laps)/Canadian Tire MP FSE #2-Rankin 200 (206...
  20. OneToughCustomer

    NASCAR Logoset v1.0

    Here's a NASCAR logo set package for each of the 3 main series with matching elliptical logos in case you want them and a separate group of the same with my custom NASCAR logo on all of them. For the NASCAR logos on the contigs. Credits: NASCAR, Google, @Stunod, Me