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  1. DaMan

    Marcos Ambrose Door Signature 2018-12-04

    Marcos Ambrose Door Signature in black, use it obviously giving credits Photo of where i take it
  2. CodyHGaming

    Logo/Font Help Needed

    Hey everyone! I'm getting ready for a new paint project, but I'm having a little trouble identifying or finding a few logos and the font. Your help would be greatly appreciated! I've circled the few logos I'm looking for in the first picture, and I'm trying to identify the closest possible font...
  3. DaMan

    #90 Kimi Raikkonen Fictional - Second Attempt 2018-11-11

    Here we go again Ford template by Brian Simpson Circuit De La Sarthe 1967 by The US Pits Scuderia Ferrari numbers by TheTrueMarcster Special thanks to MaxofMine for the recomendations
  4. Eddy0521

    CWS15 - 2018 Norm Benning's #6 Eldora Truck 2018-11-04

    CREDITS: Templates by Big Evil Racing, Decals/Sponsors found on Google Images. Here's my first NR2003 paint scheme! I might do Bayley Currey's Texas truck next! ALSO I have no idea why the picture is so small (it's in 1280x720)
  5. DaMan

    #90 Kimi Raikkonen Fictional 2018-10-22

    My first Default Cup car I don't remember who made the Dodge template Indianapolis track IndyCar layout by NASCARFUNFACTS Scuderia Ferrari numbers by TheTrueMarcster
  6. CodyHGaming

    Jason Johnson's #41 2018 Sprint Car (World of Outlaws) 2018-09-20

    Hello everyone! Here is my attempt at Jason Johnson's 2018 World of Outlaws car for the Supersprint mod. This car is my unofficial tribute to him, and I also plan on doing his two other primary paint schemes he frequently used. This is for the Supersprint mod with gns physics. Pit crew included...
  7. CodyHGaming

    Complete 2018 Jason Johnosn Supersprint Mod Render Request

    Hello everyone! I'm requesting a render for a 2018 Jason Johnson World or Outlaws car I've been working on for the Supersprint mod. This car is my unofficial tribute to him, and I also plan on doing his two other primary paint schemes he frequently used. If you have any render types for the Ford...
  8. Brandon Germain

    My Cars 1.0

    All The Cars I Painted And all the cars are fictionals and they have my name on them Have fun out there with them Peace Thanks to the creators of the mods and templates for helping me out and thanks to the creators of the bases I used, some I painted my self and some I used other people's bases...
  9. onlyonwheels

    Fantasy Hunt brother pizza Playoff Edition 2018-08-17

    save as to NXS 17 mod/ Logos and numbers by Big evil racing templates by sim racing design
  10. onlyonwheels


    I Cant Find a 25 for Painting I might make one but I would like to find if I can
  11. onlyonwheels

    Fanatsy HUNT BROTHERS PIZZA CAR NXS17 2018-08-17

    SAVE AS TO NXS17 MOD. Numbers and logos by big evil racing templates by sim racing design
  12. onlyonwheels

    Unsponserd lives matter read desc 2018-08-17

    save as to br15 mod
  13. onlyonwheels

    William byron 24 xfin second download form 1.2

    Driver Name Tyler Reddick sorry I use this for my fanasty ofline series but you can cange it if you have gimp or something like that. go and paste in what you use nr2003 then save as to exports imports in nr2003 export as jpg 90 quality or above than as tga then hit export then go into the game...
  14. onlyonwheels

    William Byron 24 on a xfinity car 0.1

    save as to export import folder in nr2003 based off this picture
  15. onlyonwheels

    William Byron 24 On a xfinity car 2018-08-17

    Byrons 2018 MENCS Daytona 500 car on a xfinity car. base off picture here Templates from sim racing design. does not download yet needs some work
  16. TheDraftingDoge


    I found this on Instagram a couple days ago, and i decided to do it as a separate event for my offline series ( @iascarnr2003 ). The only things is that NR2003 doesn't have Legends cars. now i need a replacement.
  17. P

    FICTIONAL- #22 Joey Logano AutoZone Scheme 2018-08-09

    Credits Template- Splash N Go Number- BIG EVIL RACING Logos- Google Base- Me PLEASE GIVE CREDIT IF YOU USE THIS!
  18. Dale Garrett

    NR2003 FPS Drops After About 12-15 Minutes

    Hello all, I have a problem when watching races on NR. After about 12-15 minutes the FPS drops continuously as time goes on. It never recovers, no matter what track or what mod. My drivers are up to date. It is really frustrating because all I'd like to do is do a sim season, but cannot have...
  19. Highbank

    Riverside_pwf_beta 2018-07-26

    Even with John Norton's "Real" Riverside upcoming, I thought it useful to post this track here...we've had these various "Riversides" for a long time... Project Wildfire README notes of interests While the actual Riverside closed in 1988 we have kept the track surface faithful to the original...
  20. CodyHGaming

    Chase Briscoe's #27 2018 Ford F-150 (Eldora Dirt Derby) 2018-07-24

    Hey everyone. Here is my attempt at Chase Briscoe's #27 2018 Ford F-150 that he drove for the 2018 Eldora Dirt Derby in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. He won the race in this truck. I created this to attempt to recreate the spectacular finish to this race, and figured I would obviously...