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  1. Jebrown

    1962 Season Car Set Part 1 - The Daytona 500 1.0

    It's finally here! 58 years too late, but somehow, right on time. Racing was different in 1962. Beating and banging and going for broke was the style of the day. Driving a Pontiac Catalina, Fireball Roberts would own Daytona. Starting with a dominant Speedweeks and a Daytona 500 won from the...
  2. TheAnt755

    Gorilla Snot Speedway (Dirt Version)

    Gorilla Snot Speedway has concrete version, but it's missing the dirt version of it. If you guys have the track, let me know.
  3. JustLiam

    Is CCM dead?

    I’ve watched videos, read descriptions and still no this program dead for NR2003
  4. T

    NR2003 keeps crashing when I try to view a different race in my Season calendar

    Let me explain. I am doing a 2018 K&N Pro Series West season. Whenever I try to press these arrows: , the game just outright crashes every time i press those left/right arrows, or if I select a different event in the dropdown menu. I wanna be able to see what tracks are up next in my season...
  5. CodyHGaming

    Terry Schoonover's #42 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (Atlanta Journal 500) 2019-12-17

    Hello everybody. Here is my next car in my NR2003 fallen drivers series. This is my attempt at Terry Schoonover's #42 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that he raced at Rockingham & Atlanta at the end of the 1984 NASCAR Winston Cup season. He tragically lost his life in an accident during the Atlanta...
  6. NASCARJoey

    NR2003 UIE Replay Graphic Not Loading

    Ok so I got the AD Racing Designs Replay Pack, I setted everything up as the way for FOX, however there's just one problem. The replay texture is not loading (See image). I tried pressing S, that didn't work. I tried reinstalling it, that didn't work as well. I am not missing anything as well...
  7. Jc23

    2013 IZOD Indycar Series Carset 2019-10-30

    Including 329 cars from the 2013 season of the IZOD Indycar Series for the DW12 Mod, with all the paint schemes and drivers. -329 cars, with all the paint schemes and Road Course and Superspeedway chasis. -Rosters of the 19 races with their respective Paint Schemes Credits Mod: DW12 by Smiffsden...
  8. DavenMotorsport

    #70 Jessica Sims Toyota Supra (NXS17) (Fantasy) 70-1

    Credits: Template, Contigs, Rookie Stripes: HunterRacing70 21 Means 21/ROTY Contender: SRD Number: JRFan8188 TDR Engines: Myself Flags: Bing Search Backstory:
  9. DavenMotorsport

    2019 eNASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series Season File 1.0

    The 2019 iRacing eNASCAR Peak Antifreeze season: #1 Daytona/Daytona Rising #2 Las Vegas/Las_Vegas_2018_TE #3 Auto Club/Auto_Club_FSE_MB_2018 #4 Texas/Texas 2017 Spring #5 Richmond/Richmond 2018 BB-MC Night #6 Talladega/Talladega_2019 #7 Kansas/Kansas Night 19 #8...
  10. DavenMotorsport

    Riverside International Raceway Super-Weekend Season File RIR

    @Highbank So with WKC releasing the Can-Am layout of Riverside, racing returns to the track with a Super-Weekend with NASCAR and IndyCar held the same week as Super Sebring. 14th Mar 2019: Whelen 100K (18 Laps) (NASCAR Whelen Modified) 14th Mar 2019: K&N 200K Presented by Menards (37 Laps)...
  11. dalejrfan883

    Anthony Fox's Discord paint Scheme 2.0

    This is my very first custom paint scheme. Please give me feedback
  12. DavenMotorsport

    #78 Daven Motorsports Menards/Pennzoil Toyota Tundra CWS15 1.0

    This is the first thing I have painted seriously enough in which I actually used CarViewer and GIMP properly. Credits: Mod: CWS15 (Team Om3egA) Template: 2015 Tundra (Team Om3egA) Contigs: Came with the template Logos: Did a Bing search and found images which worked best Rookie Stripes: Myself...
  13. DavenMotorsport

    K&N Pro Series Mainbacks (Hailie Deegan & Derek Kraus) .stp

    Credits: Mainback Maker: Roguetoad Images: Bing
  14. DavenMotorsport

    2017 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Season Files EU

    This download contains the 2017 Whelen Euro schedules for Elite 1, Elite 2 and Club as well as the 2018 schedule for Club. Elite 1: #1-Valencia American Fest #1/16L @ jarama_amr* #2-Valencia American Fest #2/16L @ jarama_amr* #3-American SpeedFest #1/37L @ bhindy #4-American SpeedFest #2/30L @...
  15. DavenMotorsport

    2008/2009 NASCAR Nationwide Series Season Files 2008-2009

    In 2008 Busch Beer was replaced as the title sponsor of NASCAR's 2nd premier division by Nationwide. This was a year which saw Clint Bowyer win the championship and Kyle Busch win 10 races during the season. IndyCar driver Dario Franchitti also made starts in the Nationwide series this year. In...
  16. ZiggyM

    1970 Road Runner/Superbird side scoops layer 1

    1970 Road Runner/Superbird side scoop layer
  17. ZiggyM

    GN69ST 68-70 Dodge Coronet 1

    GN69ST 1968, 1969 and 1970 Dodge Coronet (Super Bee) template (Road Runner body) Original template by Bill1947, used with permission.
  18. Xerex

    #27 Ross Chastain Xchange of America Chevrolet Camaro 2019-07-12

    This paint scheme was used by the melon man in last weeks race at Daytona. The pit crew is included. Car isn't rated. Credits: Template: SplashnGo Render: Mod Squad Logos: Their respective companies Images for reference: Reddit, MRN Program: GIMP Some pics:
  19. DavenMotorsport

    1998 NASCAR Winston West Season File 1.0

    I created this season file for the 1998 NASCAR Winston West series for use with the NWW cars painted by @DaleJrFan95 Schedule: #1 Winston West 200 @ Tucson #2 Cactus Clash @ las_vegas96 #3 Phoenix 150 @ phoenix97 #4 Auto Club 200 @ california97 #5 LUKOil 250K @ heartlnd #6 Re-Refined Oil...
  20. DavenMotorsport

    1998 NASCAR Busch North Season File 1.0

    I created this season file for the 1998 NASCAR Busch North series for use with the NBGNN cars painted by @DaleJrFan95 Schedule: #1 Wall's Ford 150 @ Lee_USA_PST #2 Mobil 150 @ riverside_park #3 Gumout Long Life Formula 100 @ Loudon90 #4 First Union 200 @ Nazareth_Speedway #5 Chevy Kick a Little...