Test Course (GT4)

Test Course (GT4) 0.91 Beta

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Today I've decided to go back to a track rather than make a new one. Here's a list of changes I've made to Test Course.
-fixed banking on turn 3​
-made paint lines on track clearer​
-changed the bottom yellow line on turn 4 to a dotted one, like it appears in the game​
-raised tunnel clearance by 1 meter​
-removed a nasty piece of code from track.ini that caused instant disqualification when qualifying​
-made it so the AI merges to the pit line sooner for a pit stop​
-reduced the pit stop speed limit from 70 to 50​
-changed the track's horizon to one that suits it a little better​

Please tell me what you think, as well as leave suggestions for improving the track. Thank you.