Pine Hills Raceway

Pine Hills Raceway 0.91 Beta

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Here's another track, this time it's Pine Hills Raceway from Destruction Derby 2. The official length stated in the game's manual is 2.695 miles and considering it takes a car around 20 seconds to do a lap there in the real game, it needed to be shortened for an adaptation for NR2003.

My version is about half that length at 1.3 miles, but feels just like it's supposed to. There is very little detail left to be added other than some generic banners and there are mips for the billboards custom made for this track. There are jumps that are supposed to be on the back stretch in addition to the dip but the physics engine does not handle jumps well, so until I find a way to implement them, they will remain absent.

Credit to Papyrus and the makers of Suzuka_GTP, Clubman Stage Route 5, and Twin_Ring_Motegi for 3dos used on this track.

Please tell me what you think as well as offer any advice that may be helpful to me.

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Latest reviews

Great track
Nice job recreating this any chance of doing Chalk Canyon and Caprio County Raceway?
Chalk Canyon is in the works, but I'm not so sure about Caprio County, it seems way too tiny to support a field of 43 cars.
nice work