Cocoa Beach Raceway

Cocoa Beach Raceway 0.81 Beta

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Today's track is Cocoa Beach Speedway, a 3-mile road course from Nascar Thunder 2002 on the Playstation. It's a very fast course, with long, sweeping banked turns.

There's still a bit I can do to it left, but all the heavy lifting is done.

Credit to Papyrus and the makers of Suzuka_GTP, Clubman Stage Route 5, and Twin_Ring_Motegi for 3dos and mips used on this track.

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  1. Small fixes

    Just wanted to spend a little bit fixing some small things on Cocoa Beach: -flattened banking...

Latest reviews

Nice Work. If this is a beta AI cars are passing slowing pace car still on track for green flag. This causes AI cars slow up on green flag. Notable on Race view.
If this is a beta, can I make a suggestion? KEEP the bumps in. This track throws you around like a brick in a washing machine - it's ace.