2018 Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s Little Hugs (Dover?)

2018 Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s Little Hugs (Dover?) 2018-03-30

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Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s Little Hugs Car for most likely Dover
Template: Splash N' Go Graphics
Base: Me
Number: Big Evil Racing
Logos: Google/Me
Render: The Mod Squad
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You're better than most rookie painters but missing the crucial details like the Goodyear logo, the Fusion text on the front, the name rail signatures, and associate decals are hurting your work drastically. Taking the time to really nail those details, no matter how tiny, will make your work look a lot better in the long run. Trust me, been there, done that.
Thanks, will do
Great job! Looks good for someone who's still learning. John Hooper, what's your problem buddy? He's still learning.
Its okay. He was just helping me out.
Nice Car. It looks great to me. It looks like J Hooper is quick to criticize but does not paint, and only waits for others to provide their hard work. I would suggest Hooper paint his own cars and let us see what he can do.
Um, i wouldn't say that. John has actually been painting for a long time.
You are going the wrong way. Your contigs are wrong, you are missing the Goodyear logo over the front tires, no driver name over the doors, numbers on front and rear bumper, Roush logo on front bumper, and missing the Fastenal logo on the rear QP, The scheme is great, but the execution is poor and rushed. If you just did the little things this would be great. Do a complete job. Shame because I was really looking forward to this scheme. And turn your mask off.
After spending a large portion of my morning making this, I was looking forward to some nice comments, and then I got this....wow