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2018 19 Car Charlotte Set 2018-06-01


  1. Dylan
    19 Cars From Charlotte
    Template: Splash N' Go Graphics
    Base: Me
    Number: Big Evil Racing
    Logos: Google/Me/Alan Harkelroad
    Render: garrett1127

    This Set Contains:
    2- Miller Lite Patriotic
    3- Coca-Cola (Made by @OneToughCustomer)
    9- Napa Auto Parts Patriotic
    10- Smithfield Patriotic
    14- Haas 30 Years of VF1 v2
    17- Fastenal Patriotic
    19- Interstate Batteries
    20- Circle K "Patriotic"
    23- Unsponsored Patriotic
    31- Liberty National Patriotic
    32- Cosmo Motors
    38- MDS Patriotic
    42- DC Solar Patriotic
    43- Kroger/Coca-Cola (Made by @Shane)
    48- Lowe's Patriotic
    55- Black Rifle Coffee Company
    78- Bass Pro Shops/5-Hour Energy Patriotic
    95- Thorne
    96- Gaunt Brothers Racing

    Render By: @garrett1127
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Recent Reviews

  1. Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson
    Version: 2018-06-01
    love the set!
  2. tchacha
    Version: 2018-06-01
  3. rob52488
    Version: 2018-06-01
    Great Work But I Gotta Suggest To Check Over And Make Sure Everything Is Good On Your Work! Some Have No Driver Names On The Rear Banner And No Door Signatures On Some Along With No Salutes Banners! Not Trying To Be Harsh Just Giving Constructive Criticism
    1. Dylan
      Author's Response
      Hey it's okay and you're absolutely right! This I took everybody's advice this week and all my cars have the little detailsv taken care of.
  4. RowdySuarezNation1819
    Version: 2018-06-01
    Great, but some are missing the patriotic banner! Other than that they are great! Can you make Ryan Newman's Atlanta car and Trevor Bayne's Performance Plus cars? My name is Dylan too!!!!
    1. Dylan
      Author's Response
      Thanks! And hello fellow Dylan!
  5. Shawn Billman
    Shawn Billman
    Version: 2018-06-01
    Great work as usual, but I have to question, what happened to buscher's clean ripple car, it says in the coke 600 forum, that you completed it, did you accidentally not put In the car set or forgot to put it in set, just a big fan of the car and I just really wanna know what happened to it
    1. Dylan
      Author's Response
      It will come with the Pocono set tommorow!
  6. G.Bezerra63
    Version: 2018-06-01
    Wow, 19 cars!! Was a amazing job, thanks!
    1. Dylan
  7. Ongias25
    Version: 2018-06-01
    Great work as always. Thank you for sharing!
    1. Dylan
  8. BAMA15
    Version: 2018-06-01
    Awesome my friend. Nineteen cars. That is great.I
    Thanks for sharing these with us
    1. Dylan