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2018 Jamie McMurray Cessna/DC Solar (Las Vegas I) 2018-03-04


  1. Dylan
    Jamie McMurray's Car for Las Vegas
    Template: Splash N' Go Graphics
    Base: Me
    Number: Big Evil Racing
    Logos: Google/Me
    Render: The Mod Squad


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Recent Reviews

  1. Khanefan26
    Version: 2018-03-04
    great job!!
  2. John Hooper
    John Hooper
    Version: 2018-03-04
    Do the little things: Turn off the mask, proper contigs, bpillars and names. Good starting point, but you have a bit to go.
  3. CodyHGaming
    Version: 2018-03-04
    Looks great! Just try to start including the driver banner
    1. Dylan
      Author's Response
      Dammit! I keep forgetting to add the name banner! I'll try to remember in the future!