mid to late 2000s superspeedway cup package

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Cold Pass Member
Jul 2, 2023
I've been asking around for insight on the possibility of splash n go creating a "make a'' file for sng 05 or something that would make the physical models look like the 2000s plate racing bodies. I've noticed that almost all the gen 6 mods have superspeedway versions and make a files for the gen 6 car that even included road course versions too. I finally downloaded sng 05 some months back and I was disappointed to see that I couldn't switch to superspeedway bodies. and to make things worse people I've asked about it were either rude or redirected me to the og cup mod or even telling me to make an entire mod by myself which I don't know how to do. and the worst part is there seems to be a big community begging for this mod but I'm constantly told there's no demand.

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