gen 4

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  1. E

    mid to late 2000s superspeedway cup package

    I've been asking around for insight on the possibility of splash n go creating a "make a'' file for sng 05 or something that would make the physical models look like the 2000s plate racing bodies. I've noticed that almost all the gen 6 mods have superspeedway versions and make a files for the...
  2. N

    Gen 4 Plate cars

    so I have noticed that certain mods like the 2018 mencs and 2000s have their superspeedway alternatives. I know that requests probably aren't for this area but i was wondering if someone could make a superspeedway front and rear bumpers for the cars. i think this would be cool because it would...
  3. Anthony Stuart

    NextGen4 physics 1.0

    This is my concept of what gen 4 cars would drive like if NASCAR stuck with it instead of the messes that were the COT and the Gen 6 cars. It's got quite a few changes from 2007, but I think I've maintained the spirit of those cars in a more modern setting. This exe was made to use CTS...
  4. VincentGiac426

    2006-08 Ford Fusion for RaceView Mod 2020-04-21

    Here's the original Ford Fusion, paintable for the RaceView mod. The download contains two templates - one for its Gen 4 mesh, and one for the Car of Tomorrow (wing and spoiler). Thanks to RSJR14 for the go-ahead to use his parts for this project, and John Beatty for the lights and...