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NextGen4 physics.png

This is my concept of what gen 4 cars would drive like if NASCAR stuck with it instead of the messes that were the COT and the Gen 6 cars. It's got quite a few changes from 2007, but I think I've maintained the spirit of those cars in a more modern setting.

This exe was made to use CTS physics, but should work at least a little bit with all physics. I recommend using CTS physics, and you should be able to simply copy real world setups over by renaming xxxxx.cup.sim to xxxxx.cts.sim in your players/(your name)/setups folder, and your track folders. You may also need to adjust the gear ratios for the AI at superspeedways, Pocono, and the 2 mile ovals.

Here are the changes made in the 15 years since the real COY was retired:
Symmetrical, spec bodies (with manufacturer differences, but balanced with each other in the wind tunnel)
11 inch wide rims and tires to increase mechanical grip

Lower downforce to reduce aero push
18" diameter rims, for more road relevance
Grille tape banned, grille openings standardized, and rear wing fixed at 75 degrees, to contribute drag without making the cars easy to drive by lowering horsepower to 550 or lower
All new engine package: 300 C.I. DOHC 32 valve V8s with variable valve timing, direct injection, throttle per cylinder, 9,000 RPM limit, and Sunoco 93 fuel - the same as pump gas! Engines produce 750 horsepower at ALL tracks - no restrictor plates!
New engine designed as a balance between road-going V8 engines from Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Mercedes, and Honda, though the initial prototype was LS-based

Expect high speeds on the straights, decently fast corner speeds, far less reliance on aerodynamic grip, and lower closing rates on the superspeedways, where they'll run around 200 mph on their own, and 215 in the draft. In this universe, rather than keeping the cars slow, NASCAR doubled down on keeping the cars on the ground, so it's meant to be run with roof flaps turned on in the papy.ini, though that's up to you!

...and yes, I made sure Noah was ok with me using the NextGen4 label!

At some tracks, the AI drives in too hard and just slams into the outside wall. I've only experienced this at Auto Club, but I'm investigating, it'll probably mean changes are needed to those track.inis. As always with my exes, I recommend a separate install
Anthony Stuart
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This is a very creative idea, and very well done as well!