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  1. KitsuneAmy

    Lakeshore Raceway 0.8 Beta

    This is Lakeshore Raceway, from Nascar 2000. It is an EA fantasy track, and a good one, too. The track sits at 2.22 miles, and has 8 turns. It is a night time track that features many hills, banks, and even a lake to crash into. Please don't hesitate to tell me what you think, or any suggestions...
  2. KitsuneAmy

    Beginner Course 0.9 Beta

    This is a recreation of the Beginner Course from Gran Turismo 4. It is a tiny track, measuring in at 0.48 of a mile. It is an egg-shaped oval with a chicane and corners banked at 5 degrees. Currently the track supports a field of up to 32 cars, and it would have been fewer if I did not extend...
  3. KitsuneAmy

    Salt Lake Speedway 0.8 Beta

    Get ready for an awesome road course/speedway hybrid from Nascar 2000! It is a 2.3-mile, 11 turn track with elements of the two track types. Please enjoy this track and tell me what you think. Credit to Papyrus as well as the makers of Suzuka GTP, Twin Ring Motegi, and Clubman Stage Route 5 for...
  4. KitsuneAmy

    Kansas Dustbowl 0.81 Beta

    This is Dustbowl, a fantasy track from Nascar 2001 on the Sony Playstation. It is a 1.396-mile, four turn road course reaching top speeds of around 155 mph. Laps go by relatively quick, when I was playing the track before making it I just casually went around it 75 times before I forced myself...
  5. KitsuneAmy

    Test Course (GT2) 0.91 Beta

    Measuring in at 3.257 miles, this course is designed to test your car's max speed. This version of the track comes from Gran Turismo 2, where it was used for the Machine Test feature, where you could try and get the best time for a 400 meter or 1000 meter run, or test your max speed with a full...
  6. nolimitphil

    #32 Kevin Terris (1970 Falstaff 400) 0.99 Beta

    #32 Kevin Terris (1970 Falstaff 400) by: nolimitphil Overview: Download contains high resolution file: 2048x2048 car / 1024x1024 pit (2.8 MB) Background: Alright ... I give up. I've held off on releasing this paint scheme for a long time because there are so few reference photos of it (I'm...
  7. KitsuneAmy

    Ridge Racer Type 4 Carset 1.0

    This is a carset for stock cup containing one of each team's paint scheme from the 1999 game Ridge Racer Type 4. I'm thinking of also making a MENCS19 version of this set... Templates by Wolfo (Dodge Avenger) and Brian Simpson (All others). All hood logos and numbers except the #14 made by me...
  8. KitsuneAmy

    Shooting Hoops 0.81 Beta

    This is Shooting Hoops, the final track in the Real Racing Roots '99 championship, which takes place on December 31, 1999 at 11:45 PM. It is a four turn, 2.473-mile road course, and a very fast one as well. Credit to Papyrus, as well as the maker(s) of Suzuka_GTP, Sawmill 2003, Clubman Stage...
  9. KitsuneAmy

    Deep Forest Raceway 0.81 Beta

    It's finally done. I last touched this track in October last year and today, I finish the beta version. This is Deep Forest Raceway, a 2.237-mile road course with 15 turns. I based its' appearance on Gran Turismo 3's version of the track. Credit to Papyrus, as well as the maker(s) of Suzuka_GTP...
  10. KitsuneAmy

    Chalk Canyon 0.81 Beta

    This is the fourth and final of the four unlocked tracks when you start a new game in Destruction Derby 2, Chalk Canyon. My version is 1.608 miles, and it is a 7 turn road course. Please leave a review and tell me what you think. Credit to Papyrus, as well as the maker(s) of Suzuka_GTP, Clubman...
  11. KitsuneAmy

    Caprio County Raceway 0.81 Beta

    I'm back with a surprise! Here's the third Destruction Derby track I've made, Caprio County Raceway, start to finish in one day. This little track doesn't even have a pit stop in the game it comes from so I had to get creative about its' placement. Note that at this point in time, the track only...
  12. KitsuneAmy

    Destruction Derby 2 Carset 2.0

    This is a carset I made containing all 19 AI cars you race against (and all three player cars for version 2.0) in the 1996 video game Destruction Derby 2. I have also included a roster for your convenience. Version 1.0 is for the stock cup mod and version 2.0 is for the CUP90 mod. All numbers...
  13. RacerMoon

    2013 Jimmie Johnson Lowes Emerald Chevy for MENCS19 2020-11-11

    Credits: Numbers: BER Logos: Google,, Wikipedia Base: Me Template: BER Render: TMS Render System
  14. Chris Allen

    Brad Keselowski Discount Retro Playoffs 2020 1.0

    Slowly learning my way around blender, thank you Burnout for the 2 car scene. Here is BK's car he ran this weekend at Bristol. I just loved the way the car looked and wanted to make it for my own. **Credits** SNG/Stunod Template Google Logos BER Numbers Base Me Render Scene Burnout B-Pillars...
  15. The_HardCas

    #92 Fantasy Solo Jazz-pattern Car (Cup90 Mustang) 1.0

    Not my first ever skin, but the first one I'm confident enough to upload here. .cup car included (not rated), plus the .tga file. Just import it onto the Ford body. (First two images are on Daytona SDT Day, third image is on Red Rock International Raceway by WindyCityRacing) Credits: Mod: DMR...
  16. UnsaintedIX

    Kyle Busch #84 CarQuest Retro (MENCS19) 1

    This is a MENCS19 retro scheme, putting Kyle Busch back in the infamously horrible (or cursed) #84 CarQuest Chevy for Hendrick Motorsports. I tried to make his ratings close to what I figure they are currently, but I may have gone overboard, so feel free to adjust them to your liking. Pit Crew...
  17. 11rowsof3

    2020 Retro / Throwback Geoff Bodine Levi Garrett Chevrolet 2020-02-28

    Updating some of my Retros for 2020 and may do some new ones too! Won a ton of races, got into a few scaps with Earnhardt. One of the all-time iconic paint schemes and winner of the 1986 Daytona 500. Geoff Bodine is from Chemung, New York and made his way to NASCAR on talent alone via...
  18. PepsiBoy428

    Retro Jeff Green 1997 Cartoon Network MENCS19 2019-11-26

    A retro of Jeff Green's 1997 Cartoon Network scheme on the MENCS19 mod. Man, placing the characters on this body was a HUGE pain, Cow from Cow and Chicken was the hardest to apply on the modern body. BIG thanks to Slipster17 for providing me with the characters, numbers and base. Credits...
  19. PepsiBoy428

    Retro Steve Grissom 1995-1996 Cartoon Network MENCS19 1.0

    This is based on Steve Grissom's 1995-1996 Cartoon Network scheme Credits: Template:SNG(with Taillight update by BER) Logos, Number and Driver Signature: A friend of mine and Google. Contigs: Tre Cool Render: The Mod Squad .TGA file *I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS*
  20. jopajoe

    #67 Buddy Arrington Dodge 2019-02-22

    Rendered by: garrett1127 Base By: Me Logo's: Me Numbers: Snek Contingency decals: Alan Harkleroad Template By S-n-G