Test Course (GT2)

Test Course (GT2) 0.91 Beta

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Measuring in at 3.257 miles, this course is designed to test your car's max speed. This version of the track comes from Gran Turismo 2, where it was used for the Machine Test feature, where you could try and get the best time for a 400 meter or 1000 meter run, or test your max speed with a full lap of the course. The track did host one race, however, in the Tuned Turbo No. 1 Cup, where it was the second race. The course is also in Gran Turismo 1, where it serves the same purpose but also has a race in the game's Megaspeed Cup.

I have set the track to a super-duper speedway, and cars have reached speeds of 225+ with lap times around 1 minute. Please enjoy this replica from Gran Turismo 2, and tell me what you think. I am aware of problems with the pit, before you say anything. I have rerecorded the LP 5 times, modified the track, modified the INI, done whatever I know how to do and the cars just will not follow the path I have recorded for them, so sorry in advance if you encounter any problems.

Credit to Papyrus and the makers of Suzuka_GTP, Clubman Stage Route 5, and Sawmill 2003 for 3dos used on this track.

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  1. Small fixes, custom TV1 camera

    I've listened to your feedback and made a couple changes, adding some of my own as well. -made a...

Latest reviews

Looks like a great track, has lots of potential. Cameras for TV 1 to Spectator or bad need to fix those cameras. The AI on the pace lap some crashed and some were going three wide. This track has potential its more like a beefed up Martinsville. You doing a good job so far and just with some tweaks this will be a great track to drive and watch back.
I see the problem with the full pace lap now, I didn't put the first stall after 0m. Thank you for pointing this out.
Awesome work!