Working on some 1969 cars.

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Jun 5, 2017
A tale of two Oldsmobiles:

So Ken Meisenhelder ran 16 races in 1969 with an older 67 Olds, so being that it was the longer sedan type, I had to go back to the RR and try to shade it and slap a new grill and tail on it. It's alright but doesn't translate that great to the RR model.

I've got a lot on my plate right now with the AC cars but once I'm done, I'm all about putting some Oldsmobile body lines on that RR template so it's got the correct curves. I played around late one night a week or more ago and had it okay but not perfect so I tossed it, but it just needs the shading at the bottom moved up and then some brighter 'glare' to give it a curve and around the wheel wells. And a little 'swoop' of the qp and it should look pretty sharp.
An enterprising, motivated person who knows shading (I don't I just copy and paste) might just be able to copy from a photo, turn it to grey scale and slap it into a 'shading' layer to get the body lines to show. I think.

Great work as always Gz!!

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