Track making tips

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Sep 28, 2020
I've detailed my method for making tracks below, should it be useful to you in any way.

1. Gather reference media (if track is a replica)
This means maps, photos, and/or screenshots.

2. (Optional) Make track map bmp, convert to mip with winmip2
If you choose to do this, it will be very helpful, especially when making a replica, but even if you have a plan to make your own custom course, you can make sure the track is laid out perfectly.

3. Gather track construction materials
Either by unpacking existing tracks for them or making them yourself.

4. (Optional) Set track map as background image
It's important it's scaled correctly so you don't make your track with a warped image. Generally, setting the size to its size in pixels is good.

5. Create track piece and texture it
It's very important you texture (F-sections) the first piece the way you want and lay down any walls or fences (W-sections) before laying out the entire track so you're not texturing every segment individually. Now is also a good time to decide where to put your track boundaries. (X-sections)

6. Lay out track
Lay out the segments of your track. If you have a background image of your track map, follow it as closely as you can.

7. Scale track up or down if necessary
You can scale the track to the correct size you want with this step, the length doesn't matter before this as long as your layout is correct.

8. (Optional) Scale background image with track
If you choose to do this, you will have to multiply your background length and width by the percentage you scaled the track.

9. Place down pit stop
Knowing where and how to place your pitstop is important, whether the position is predetermined or not by your track map.

10. Put in desired elevation and banking using Height View
Doing this after everything else is important because adjusting X-sections on banked pieces of track will change the banking.

11. (Optional) Test current track layout
I say this is optional, but personally I would make sure all your banking and elevation is correct by driving on your track before moving forward from here.

12. Place track side objects (TSOs)
Place any and all static objects in your track's environment here. Be sure to tick whether the object is fixed or moving.

13. Edit track.ini (pace and pit road speed limit, where pit road begins and ends, positions of pit stalls and cars for full and partial pace lap, etc.)
This is a lengthy step and you'll have to tell the game where everything is in dlong and dlat. X and Y are only used for crowd sound sources.

14. Record reference laps (reflaps) for the AI (.lp files)
When in a testing session, press CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, and ~ to enable reflap recording. Use ALT-R to begin recording your line, and when you've finished, press / to show your work. if you're happy with your line, press CTRL-/ to save it.

15. Name the .lp files according to the lines ran (min/maxrace, min/maxpit, min/maxpanic, limp, race)
It's important you name all the lines correctly for the AI to know where to drive. Max is the leftmost side of the track and min is the rightmost.

16. (Optional) Edit the camera file to your desire
You will need camedit if you wish to complete this step. It's rather confusing so I don't recommend beginners do it.

17. (Optional) Perform final testing on your track, drive on it to make sure everything is to your liking
This is your last chance to make sure everything is the way you want it before you're finished. Sure, you can go back and fix anything you notice is wrong at a later date, but I think it's better to fix any problems while they're fresh on your mind.

18. (Optional) Pack the track files into a DAT file so the track folder is neat and free of clutter
This is optional, but it will pack all loose files except setups, lps, and stps into one neat little file.

19. Make track logo and track shot, save as .bmp, use winmip to convert to .stp


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Sep 28, 2016
((12. Place track side objects (TSOs) ))

You would actually want to move this option farther down the list. LP files even if they are first draft and pit stalls should be done before loading a ton of TSO's. There is nothing worse than decorating a track then finding out that the AI doesn't work. Make sure that track works first. Then the rest is all icing on the cake.
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