Rules for Uploading any file for download.

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Jul 23, 2016
Upload rules in case you didn't know.
1. Uploading a car file, Credit the mod maker for the mod and template maker if different than mod maker.
2. If you didn't paint every pixel on your paint job, then credits will be mandatory to those who painted the items you use.
3. A pic of your resource will be required for every type of file.(Use common sense)
4. If you use a render done by others, give credit to that person who does it for you.
5. If you are uploading a full template that you have modified, you still didn't make the template, therefore you'll need written proof that the template creator gave you permission to upload their work. This written proof needs to be sent to me or Adam before you post that modified full template. There are no exceptions to this most important rule.
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