Reasons people get Banned from Stunod Racing

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Staff member
Jul 23, 2016
OK, I felt like it was time again to go over this topic. There's been way to much of this happening as of late, and we as admins of the site spend way too much time dealing with it. Below is a short list of some of the reasons, ( for someone to get banned) it's by far not a complete list, just some that keep popping up on a regular basis.

1. Taking someone's work, making a few changes to it, then posting for download as your own work. This is not going to be tolerated here, period.
Case in point, one member posted a car he painted (this I know because he sent me his layered paint file showing he did in fact paint the car). He also used a base layer from MSD, which is fine, applied the numbers and logos, to complete the car.
Another member took that cars flat, changed the base color and then posted it as his own work (when asked to send me his paint file, he couldn't be bothered) this action telling me that he did not have a layered paint file. This kind of action is just plain stealing.
Attached is the proof in the pudding as they say. This one (green) is the original post and I have the paint file.
5_HMS_KL_NationsGuard .jpg

This one is the ripped version, now it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to see that it's the same car flat, just the green changed to blue. He even missed a couple spots of the green.....duh....and no paint file sent to me.
larson .jpg

Now when you overlay one against the other, you'd expect to see the numbers and other logos in a slightly different place, even different sizes, no 2 people could ever paint the exact same car with everything in the exact same place, same size, just not going to happen.

2. When one of the co-owners, or admins, or moderators sends you a pm and asks you about something, it's always in your best interest to reply back asap. Not doing so gives us reason to suspect your trying to hide something or pull wool over our eyes.
3. Posting anything that deals with porn, be it pictures, or language, this will result in a fast ban and also an ip ban. None of this will ever be allowed at our site.
4. Flaming another member, just don't do it.

Like I said, this is a short list, if you think something is wrong, bring it to our attention, let us deal with it,

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