How Do you Make a Base

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Jeremy Murray

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Aug 6, 2016
I don't want to be banned from stunod racing! I want to go full time on this group.
As the others have said, if you don’t want to be banned you have to show a better attitude. People don’t like and won’t put up with someone whose being disrespectful even after being told they were. Especially here, this is a place where respect is important and expected.

Now the reason they asked you to not post it as your own and to give credit is because someone else made that. Their work simply isn’t just a file on a website, it’s time put into it. For some of us in the community we’ve devoted a lot of hours to making content like bases. So when you want to take an existing file and claim it as yours it’s disrespectul cause that’s not hours of your life devoted to it, that’s someone else’s. And that’s why the admins will not allow it and remove any files that they know that a person didn’t do.
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