Formula 2 Base schemes for Formula VSR mod

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Dec 25, 2020
I am having trouble creating paint schemes for F2 using the Formula 1 by VSR mod.

I have tried to give it a go but I can't get the results I was hoping for, is there anyone who would be willing to create base paint schemes for 11 cars?

I know it is quite a few but I would be very appreciative.

Alternatively any handy tips or software recommendations would be welcome too.


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Apr 19, 2020
You have to do some compromise to paint F2 cars in ISS MODs, especially Formula cars have HALO nowadays and also still have shark fins (the reason for many formula car projects I was abandoned). That's what I did when painting livery with a different body shape (see my F1 and Supergt carset) because it will never be perfect replica.

As for tips when you make the livery you cant pick base scheme and slap logo etc on it. Logo must integrated in livery or you can have weird proportion logo in car.

As painting program, as long it can import template in separated layer anything you have or can get is good (GIMP is free).
The most importan is how much painting experience you have and you can only get that when start painting. There is no cutting conner.

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