Concept for offline league- Any interest, thoughts?

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Jul 19, 2016
Hey everyone,
I have been toying with the idea of starting a "Pro-Level" offline league. The concept would be fairly simple.
-Entries would be limited to 64 (the max number that the game can score points for in a season)
-All cars will be rated with initial baseline ratings of 40-60 min/max on all settings.
From there is where the "pro-Level" comes into play. Each driver will be given a specific number of ratings point
with which they can then use to increase their ratings by distributing the points to different variables.
Additional points could be gained by reducing the min value but may only be used to increase the same max value
For instance, if I decided to take my min 40 engine down to min 30 I can then increase my max engine to 70. The idea
here is to offer an opportunity to improve your stats but at the possible detriment of a higher rate of equipment failure.

- Length of schedule TBD but would run on a variety of tracks.
- All races would run with standard default game rules, Approximately 25 to 50% race length... TBD
-Points would accrue throughout the season
- by having 64 cars active in the game roster the game will select who actually qualifies for each race with 2 exceptions
-Daytona 500: All entries will be split into 2 qualifying groups of 32. Qualifying rounds will be run and then exported to a spreadsheet.
Both Q results will be sorted accordingly to determine the front row and the lineup for the Duals. All cars will compete in a specified Dual
While Nascar traditionally only took the top 14 (15) from each dual and filled most of the field by points... We would not have any points
for season 1. SO, we will take the top 18/19 from the duels to fill through position 38 with the final 4 spots open to the highest qualifying
cars not yet in the race.
- All Star Race: Info TBD but there will be an open to fill the all-star field.
- The intent would be to livestream the races through the internet.

What do you all think? Would there be any interest in such a setup?
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