A friends Can Am car Livery for the Can Am series Series

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A friend, David Pozzi races this lovely Lola today and Charlie Gibson drove it back in the day. I am truly honored for David giving me permission to race in "His" colors/Livery. Or as close as we can get to it. The original photo of the 1969 Watkins Glen photo seen here is Charlie Gibson and #52 is cause he couldn't get his favorite 26, so he did a x2 and there you go! (from the story being told by David). The color photo is taken by me at Laguna Seca of David. We spoke later about a few pics I took and he ordered 12 20x30's for his shop and friends in color and black and white. Hence, the beginning of our friendship.

A big thanks to @Highbank for all the hard work you do to make this possible. David and his racing buddies love the car and it's sim upgrades........I.E. Fuel injection and Euro mirrors. As we can't really be perfect with this to his. But the Livery is awesome as always.10369593_615644878567425_127240164094641297_n.jpg26F.JPG76204366_2521000951328132_5866708284458663936_o.jpg77080742_10157845159902370_4801154695349403648_n.jpg
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