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Aug 7, 2016
I recently pulled a dumb and deleted my entire 2016 carset folder from my PC. Didn't realize it until after I emptied the recycle bin.

So, I've been redownloading all the lost cars from SRD, NNracing, etc.

BUT, one file has eluded me. Reed Sorenson's #40 car he attempted the Daytona 500 with, I've searched the lands of Google and so far have come up with nothing.

Normally, I'd just paint the car and move on, but this car is a little out of my painting ability with the way it's design is.
So I ask, does this exist?
I thought I'd just come here and ask as a last ditch effort because I've been hunting for many hours at this point and have found nothing.

This is for the BR15 mod of course.

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