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  1. Moofish

    Ecto-(3)1 Camaro 2021-01-15

    I used the Lefty 2020 MENCS Template for this. All logos I got from google.
  2. Moofish

    Custom Hart 2021 Camaro 2021-01-09

    Template used: Lefty 2020 Camaro Template My own car for 2021 for Wright Motorsports!
  3. ddrap14

    MENCS19 #2 Camaro (Random Racecar Maker) 1.0.

    I'm doing a bit of a carset to help practice my painting. When I got a 5HE Camaro, I immediately thought of doing this FRR-style livery. Enjoy! Credits: Templates: SNG Basic Templates, SNG and Garrett1127 (these are the official ones posted on the Stunod forum) Base: myself Number Font...
  4. Moofish


    Doofenshmirtz has decided to field a race car! Presenting: The Intimidator-inator! He picks the number 3 to represent the Tri-State Area that he will soon control, and black as the color because what's more intimidating than vampires, goths, and weird indie bands? Template by Splash-N-Go Doof...
  5. Moofish

    Ghost River #24 Car 2020-10-21

    Another variation of several Ghost River cars I'm making for my friend who loves this beer. This one is for Ghost River Gold. Template: Splash N' Go graphics MENCS 2019 Toyota Camry Template
  6. Moofish

    Fantasy Wright Motorsports 2020-10-20

    I made a fantasy racing team Wright Motorsports Drivers include: #31 Austin Wright #53 Jordan Cain #125 Seth Taylor Credit to Splash N' Go for templates Google Images for logos
  7. Moofish

    Fantasy #24 Ghost River Riverbank Red Toyota 2020-10-12

    This is one variation of several Ghost River cars I'm making for my friend who loves this beer. This one is for Riverbank Red Template: Splash N' Go graphics MENCS 2019 Toyota Camry Template
  8. Moofish

    Fantasy #31 2020 V8 Energy Camaro tga 2020-09-25

    My custom 2020 V8 Energy Camaro using the MENCS 2018 template because I couldn't find any more recent templates Template by: Nick Baker, Chad Mikosz, Italo Rapacci, Cosmin Ioaneslu, Taylor Smith, Chris Everett Splash N' Go Big Evil Racing
  9. The_HardCas

    #92 Fantasy Solo Jazz-pattern Car (Cup90 Mustang) 1.0

    Not my first ever skin, but the first one I'm confident enough to upload here. .cup car included (not rated), plus the .tga file. Just import it onto the Ford body. (First two images are on Daytona SDT Day, third image is on Red Rock International Raceway by WindyCityRacing) Credits: Mod: DMR...
  10. D

    GrayStillPlays Florida Man Special Mustang 2020-06-02

    Welcome to the only Nascar game where you can make a GrayStillPlays Paint Scheme, It's Nascar Racing 2003 Season. Template: SNG Contigs: Came with Template Sponsor: Google Base: Me Numbers: Me Render: The Mod Squad
  11. UnsaintedIX

    Complete MENCS19 The Abomination Render Request

    This is a TRD Goodwrench Service Plus #3 Camry...on a DuPont Rainbow scheme...driven by Kyle Busch. In this world, Goodwrench is alive and a TRD division. This is a trollish-fantasy scheme that I plan to upload here. It even includes the "opposites" of Earnhardt's long-time associate...
  12. Becca_NR03

    #70 Jessica Sims Toyota Supra (NXS17) (Fantasy) 70-1

    Credits: Template, Contigs, Rookie Stripes: HunterRacing70 21 Means 21/ROTY Contender: SRD Number: JRFan8188 TDR Engines: Myself Flags: Bing Search Backstory:
  13. Canned Failure

    MENCS19 Matt Tifft Fictional Throwback 1.0

    This is a fictional throwback paint scheme for Matt Tifft's #36 Ford. The scheme is a throwback to Ken Schrader's 2000 M&M's car, however since Tunity and Love's are the sponsors any M&M's logos or decals couldn't be used, that's why instead they are blank circles and instead of the M&M's...
  14. Anthony_Fox

    Anthony Fox's Discord paint Scheme 2.0

    This is my very first custom paint scheme. Please give me feedback
  15. Thrasher124

    Complete Prestone Stock Car Racing Association

    Ok, so I don't know how long I'll keep updates before I forget or get distracted. What usually happens is I'll keep up with my seasons for about 1/3rd of the season than focus on work or life in general, than end up simming the rest of the races while watching live the 'big' races, like S...
  16. DaleTona

    Bill Davis Toyota Super Pack Original Cup 2018-03-11

    This is a multi-pack including 2007 Dave Blaney Caterpillar 2007 Butch Leitzinger Caterpillar 2007 Mike Skinner Daytona 2007 Mike Skinner Toyota Fantasy 2007 Jeremy Mayfield 360 OTC 2008 Jacques Villeneuve. Numbers: BER, Masgrafx Logos: chevydriver3, Google, Stunod, SDG, Me, TND...
  17. LieutenantHardhat

    #53 "Vault-Tec" Gen6 15 Chevy (FINAL) 2.0

    Car I made a while back but never decided to go public with it. Well, here it is. A fantasy car based off corporations from the Fallout series by Interplay Entertainment/Bethesda Softworks. Used as my personal car in races. Comes with pit crew.