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  1. SprintRacer92

    DAYTONA USA End Event Music v1

    Bored of that old guitar riff? Try something new for size... Music Used: All Music Credit to SEGA International Installation instructions found in the README.txt
  2. SammyInABox1

    2021 Jordan Anderson #3 Daytona 2021-03-16

    Here's Jordan's truck from the Daytona 250. As accurate as possible from pictures I have. This also has a 2021 crew made by me. Template - Skyline Base - Me Number - BER Logos - Google, me, JAR website Picture - me with Burnout scene Watermark - ThatPainterDude Truck Crew
  3. sbillman18

    2021 Riley Herbst Daytona Road Truck V1

    Mod: CWS15 Template: BER, Omega Base: Me Number: BER Logo: Google, Me, DGRs Website, Twitter Pitcrew and Namerail: @SammyInABox1 Render: @Mystical Man was this not an easy one. Well that wraps up the 15, 17, and 38 for Races 1-3 so far.
  4. sbillman18

    2021 Tanner Gray Daytona and Vegas Truck Pack V1

    Mod: CWS15 Template: BER, Omega Base: Me Number: @DiecastCharv Logo: Google, SRD, Me, DGRs Website, Twitter Render: @Mystical Pitcrew: @SammyInABox1 His Trucks from Daytona and Vegas. There's very small details between the two trucks, but enough to warrant two car files (Daytona is featured in...
  5. sbillman18

    2021 David Gilliland Black's Tire V1

    Mod: CWS15 Template: BER, Omega Base: Me Number: BER Logo: Google, Black's Tire Website, SRD, Me, DGRs Website, Twitter Pitbox: @SammyInABox1 Render: @Mystical One less truck to be done for Daytona. Also thanks to everybody who made the logos, renders, pitboxes, numbers, etc. I would...
  6. Vlado

    "The Stalling on Pit Road Glitch" (especially happening on plate tracks)

    There's an issue that I been having since a bunch of months ago with some tracks like the normal Daytona and Talladega. Even now with both Daytona BBMC 2020 (Day and night when I run with 40 or more cars). When a caution happens and cars are getting on pit road some of them they pit (without any...
  7. ajm.rc10

    James Davison's #15 Signing Day Sports 2021 Chevy Camaro 2021-02-26

    Mod: MENCS19 Number: Stunod Logos: Google Template: Lefty 2021 v4 This is James Davison's #15 Signing Day Sports Chevy Camaro he ran in the 2021 O'Reilly Auto Parts 253 at the Daytona Road Course. Hopefully you guys enjoy this upload, I guess I am the guy who paints the 15 cars now.
  8. justahamlinfan

    2021 Denny Hamlin #11 FedEx Where now meets next℠ Camry | Daytona 500 v1

    Denny Hamlin's Daytona 500 car, enjoy the race everyone! Template - 2021 Cup Series Templates by Lefty/SNG (Transferred updated decals to basic SNG template.) Base - Me Number & Signature - BER Logos - Google, WhatTheFont Renders - Me
  9. justahamlinfan

    2021 Denny Hamlin #11 FedEx Express Camry | Busch Clash v1

    Added Sport Clips logo, updated B-Pillar, fixed the base, and removed JGR 30 Years logo. Template - 2021 Cup Series Templates by Lefty/SNG (Transferred updated decals to basic SNG template.) Base - Me Number & Signature - BER Logos - Google, WhatTheFont Renders - Me
  10. SprintRacer92

    Three Seven Speedway v1.1

    Pound the Pavement as you fly, watch the clear blue skies, and go sky high as we go away to DAYTONA USA! View: Welcome to Three Seven Speedway! This track originates all the way back to 1994 and SEGA's Model 2 arcade. Over the years the track saw...
  11. azza9oo9

    2020 Busch Clash ini 1.0

    just drop this in your game Daytona folder, make sure to backup your current ini first.
  12. Andyman248

    Any updates on the 2020 Daytona RC NASCAR chicane (NR2003 track w/ai)???

  13. SammyInABox1

    B.J. McLeod #0 4 Car Set NXS20 2020-10-10

    Credits Template - SRD Bases - Me Numbers - BER/DiecastCharv Logos - Google, resourced, me Renders - Me with Burnout Scene Pitcrews - daniele
  14. Wjw1888

    2020 Gander Outdoors Truck Series Daytona Road Course Set 2020-08-27

    20 Unique trucks from the 2020 NGOTS Race at the Daytona Road Course! MOD: CWS15 (Om3ga) PAINTERS: Myself, canadienhits (updated certain trucks) NUMBERS: BigEvilRacing TEMPLATES: Bill1947, SkylineCustoms, 3djedi LOGOS: Google, Personally Made
  15. TwelfthQuotient

    Daytona With No Walls V5

    Because Daytona Is Way Better With No Walls, Right? Credits: Me Track Used: Original Daytona VERY HEAVILY UPDATED, Download The New Version (for more info check the update log.) Thank you all for Getting this track to 1,000 Downloads.
  16. Canned Failure

    2020 JJ Yeley #54 Unsponsored Mustang 1.0

    This is a recreation of JJ Yeley's #54 Unsponsored Ford Mustang that he'll be running at the Daytona Duels and attempt to run in the Daytona 500. Credits: Template: Splash N' Go Banner: Bill1947 Number: BigEvilRacing Logos: Google Render: Garrett1127
  17. M

    Chance 2 Motorsports/DEI Wave 5 2019-06-25

    Wave 5!! 2003 Tony Stewart 3 Doors Down 2004 Dale Jr Oreo Ritz Daytona 2005 Ryan Moore Oreo Ritz 2005 Ryan Moore Kraft 2004 Dale Jr Menards Bristol 2004 Dale Jr KFC re-upload due to missing Monte Carlo logo Mod: 2003BGN_sng Template: Splash n' Go Graphics Logos/numbers: google images, me car...
  18. nolimitphil

    GN70ss #40 Pete Hamilton (1970 Daytona 500) 1.1

    "Daytona Birds" #40 Pete Hamilton (1970 Daytona 500) - Car 2 of 5 by: nolimitphil Overview: Each download contains a high-res version. Hi-Res: 2048x2048 car / 1024x1024 pit (2.7 MB) Background: BEEP BEEP! There were five 1970 Plymouth Superbird entires in the 1970 Daytona 500: - #7...
  19. nolimitphil

    GN70ss #14 Richard Brickhouse (1970 Daytona 500) 2.0

    "Daytona Birds" #14 Richard Brickhouse (1970 Daytona 500) - Car 1 of 5 by: nolimitphil Overview: I am excited to present the #14 Plymouth Superbird, which driver Richard Brickhouse drove for owner Bill Ellis in the 1970 Daytona 500! Although he finished two laps down behind Daytona winner...
  20. psugorilla

    DMR Cup90 1995 Winston Cup Version 2.0 Carset-CTS Physics 2.0

    This is the 1995 carset expanded to 149 cars covering every driver to start a race during the season and includes most DNQ's. In fact, only 4 drivers are not included in this carset because no photos of the cars have been found. This set includes the original 1995 carset painted by CC#48 - used...