Johnny Sauter #21 Eldora Dirt Derby 2018

Johnny Sauter #21 Eldora Dirt Derby 2018 1.0

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Johnny Sauter #21 GMS RACING Allegiant Air/Sunseeker Resorts Chevy Silverado - Eldora Dirt Derby 2018

For all the fellow truck fans out there!
I painted this earlier in the year and never got around to uploading it anywhere. You can thank CodyHGaming for reminding me/recommending I do it here lol.
I'm not the greatest painter and I'm sure there are a few slight inaccuracies but I think it came out pretty well for a relatively basic design.

Driver: Johnny Sauter
Number: 21
Sponsor: Allegiant
Team: GMS Racing
Make: 2018 Chevrolet Silverado
Race: 2018 Eldora Dirt Derby

Author: Ed Soundhead
Template: Team Omega/ Big Evil Racing (Grille/Lights)
Logos: Google,, Erik Lee(Stunod Racing)
Contigs: Alan Harkleroad, Ed Soundhead, Google
Numbers: Big Evil Racing
Render: The Mod Squad

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Ed Soundhead
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Fantastic work Ed!