Chicagoland 2017 BB Day

Chicagoland 2017 BB Day 1.0

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I'm pleased to announce my latest release. Chicagoland Speedway based of the 2017 Tales of the Turtles 400.


Completely rebuilt Chicagoland 2017 using objects and textures from the 2011 version.

- Completely rebuilt track surface and segments
- Updated Grandstands (Thanks JRock)
- Updated signage from 2017 Tales of the Turtles 400
- CUP setup provided (BB_Base)
- CTS and GNS setups provided by Shane9

J.R. Franklin & Ian from
- Used Chicagoland_2011_SDT as a starting project.

JRock (
- For permission to use his turn 1 Miller Deck model in this track.
- Updated grandstands model.
- Thanks for the continuous help and insight into track building.

- Setups (GNS, CTS).
- Thanks for all of your support.

Track Development:
Bryan Bieniek

A.I. Development:
Bryan Bieniek
Shane9 (GNS, CTS)

Beta Testing:
Michael Grube

J.R. Franklin & Ian from
RenaultFan - skids.mip
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Latest reviews

Excellent job on this track
Nice Job! I love the track!
did the track run in good FPS?
This is great. Any way that you could release a 2018 update?
Such a beautiful track! I really like how nice the asphalt looks and how smooth it feels driving around. I would love to see a night version sometime.
Awesome track
Great job! I really appreciated the texturing of the asphalt and the new additions like the cameras. I do wish it had 3d crowds, but I know they aren't for everyone :)
Unfortunately I don't have any 3d modeling software so I'm dependent on some of our community modelers. The 3d crowd didn't make the cut. For how much I personally don't notice it, it's not worth the potential Frames drop for some users. Will keep it in consideration though, thanks!
I ran a few test laps last night. The track felt really good. Is there gonna be a night version in the works?
It's something I'll consider. I'm more interested in providing new tracks than multiple iterations of the same track. With that said, you can expect a 2018 version, and possibly more.
Really impressive work !! Some fun to play with it with a great realistic feeling THX for it !!!
You did awesome. Thanks for allowing me the fun of taking part in the project. Hope everyone enjoys it.