#61 Kiklos/itcoalition Mustang - 2018 - CHI 1.0

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Comes with a pit crew, unrated. My first attempt to recreate a car. Credits: Renders-TMS, Number-BER, Template-SDG, Contigs-Raptor/SDG, Base-Me, Logos-SDG,Google.

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Great! Thanks!
For the name banner I use the font "Sans Bold" it's free and should be included in whatever program you used to make this car. Nice job!
I think it is, but I saw that the closest free font is Stainless. I'll decide what I'll use. Thanks for the advice!
Great car considering it was your first one! One thing I'd fix is the font that you used on the front name banner. Other than that, 10/10.
It was the closest I could find. What do you recommend?