2020 Daytona Truckset

2020 Daytona Truckset 2020-03-26

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It is finally here! The 2020 Daytona truckset that myself, canadienhits, CardinalFan28, MyJonny25, and rob989 have worked on. This set includes all entries including the withdrawals. Credits are in the read-me.

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Great job by all involved ! Thank You!
Question i tried unzipping the files and extracting it into the series folder but it says an error. any way to fix this? thanks and they look great!
Thank you so much! These trucks look awesome!
This is awesome! Thank you so much for your hard work!
Yes! Thank you for this!
Fantastic work
If you like quality and details, then this 2020 Truck set hits it out of the park!!! Thanks to all in involved in it's creation!
Awesome job man! Thank you so much!