1967 LeMans Carset for AD67  By TWCOM

1967 LeMans Carset for AD67 By TWCOM v1.0

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When C-ONE created his wonderful AD67 mod, this is what he must of imagined...twcom has once again taken his incredible talent and unique ability to fool the eye with a few shadows and some shading and created a masterpiece.

"All Mod Credit and praise goes to The Pits for the creation and release of this AD67 Mod in 2005. This embellishment comes with approval as in the release of this Mod permission was granted "

The drivers, the cars, the impact of running a 24 Hour race in 1967 France is all here...

It is my pleasure to give you 1967 LeMans by "twcom

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This is both comprehensive and joyous :D
Once again you work your magic with your template skills and create yet another superb add-on for NASCAR 2003. Thank you very much for all your efforts!