Cyclone 0.81 Beta

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This is Cyclone, from Destruction Derby Raw. I spent too much time testing and troubleshooting this track and it made me frustrated. Enough said.
It's 1.492 miles, and has two crash junctions. The track now supports a full field of 43 after an update, and I believe is best enjoyed in a practice session, so destroyed cars can just respawn in the pits. Any review or advice is always helpful. The bridge was relocated to make the pitstop as long and uninterrupted as it needed to be to support a full field of cars.
Credit to Papyrus, as well as the maker(s) of Suzuka_GTP, Clubman Stage Route 5, and Twin Ring Motegi SS for 3dos and mips used for this track's environment.


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Latest updates

  1. Course size doubled, maxed starters

    Today I doubled the length of Cyclone, from 0.745 of a mile to 1.492 miles. This means that all...

Latest reviews

Test 2:

All but 2 cars spontaneously disappeared. It is impossible to start a race; even with full pace lap turned on.
Please note that the AI is never intended to fully function on any track with a level crossover (i.e. Destruction Arena, Mission Demo Derby, etc.). I have released a hotfix for you enabling the green flag to be thrown on the partial pace lap like the previous release, but that's the best I can do.
You are an absolute mad man. I love it.
Known bugs:

Cars spontaneously crash before a race has begun by striking an invisible wall at a crossover?
looks like a wreckfest track !