#35 Vera Vera Jag (Fictional GTP)

#35 Vera Vera Jag (Fictional GTP) 2018-11-02

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Another fictional GTP I did years ago, for an offline series...time to release these to the world...

This one requires a short story...most of y'all probably never heard of "Vera Vera Auto Parts", well I worked for them, for a day...never got payed and was left stranded in Denver, Colorado by them...I was given a job when I lived in Palm Springs, California by them, just had to move to Denver and they'd have an apartment, a car and a sales route from Mexico to Canada in the Rocky Mountain region....so I packed up my Datsun 510 with all my worldly belongings and 19 hours later I was in Denver, on the doorstep of the man they told me to report to. Knocked on the door, the guy answer my knock and told me they had filled the position already...and then he closed the door....

Sometimes things don't go as planned....so you stand up, shake it off and live in your car in Denver until you find a job, a new home, and move forward...

Vera Vera Auto Parts didn't last too long beyond that...carma?

Template: Redline/Wardog
Paint: Highbank
Logos: Credit to their respective corporate entities, pulled from corporate sites and prepared for PSP use by Me, Myself, and I.
Number: Created from a font.
Render: TenOr's Render Shop using Stunod Render Room background.