SRT 2005 NEXTEL Cup to S&G MENCS19

SRT 2005 NEXTEL Cup to S&G MENCS19 V1.0

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2005 Cup Alternates Set, we went the less and sometimes never traveled road with this one choosing to do the alternate schemes over the regular ones. Some of these I do believe have never been done before.

One cars paint scheme of particular note is the #89 Morgan Shephard car. Mike Meola (phantom17) actually painted the scheme for Morgan. We had to have him do it for the set and we are thrilled that he was willing to do it for the set! Celeb Painter in da Houz!

Again, FLASH forward to 2021 and the Spalsh N Go MENCS19 mod, MASH them together and you get something like what we've created here. (We realize this may well have been done by others) Also we know that we could have included many other drivers from within the vast array of "field fillers" but we feel as though we hit the major major marks here.

Our homage to the origins of the sim and the sport:
The Stunod Racing Team Community 2005 NEXTEL Cup Series on the MENCS19 mod.
First we need to thank/credit the painters who participated in the set:

This was more of an "Invitational" type set as we have not made it public aside from some choice screen shots...

Second we need to thank/credit many community sites that have made logos/numbers and other elements available to the community over the last 18 years, some of which found their way onto cars in this set. As the saying goes, "Painters don't throw nothing away!"

Thanks to: (sadly many of these sites have gone dark and are no longer available)
Stunod,SRD,MRD,RG,SBR,RPD,MRD,T4G,MJLD,C3,BCR,NNR,OZ,SBR,Deadpool,Masgrfx,Paddedwall,DC2,AG,ThePits, Tucknut.

I hope I didn't forget anyone or any site, but we just want to credit the NR2003 community in general.

Also to the various search engines that help us to find many items for the cars:
Google, Bing, etc...and the many Logo sites out there that provide Historical logo information.
Splash N Go Team Credits:
(permission was sought and recieved to pull from the S&G 2003-2005 Mod carsets where needed)
Pit crews by Splash n' GO Graphics, TeamSBR, various other places
Paint elements In-game provided cars and rosters: Nick Baker, Sean Whitehill, Ricardo Gomes, Ricky Colette, Michael Marotta, Robert Panko, Cosmin Loaneșiu, Jerry Towns, Zack Johnson, Nick Baker, Noah Joyce, Justin Calvin, Steven Merzlak, Tyler Mallon, Brian Mercurio, Steve Rada, Chad Mikosz, Daniel Asher
Other specific credits:
-Bill1947 for his MENCS19 Templates
-The 24 and 32 car numbers are Aachen Bold by Stunod (Adam)
-Big Evil for many of the numbers used for these cars (
This set is dedicated to the younger members in the NR2003 community...Again we wanted to go to a time when we were so immersed in racing these heros, simple and sweet. Hopefully you'll be able to find that place again with this set. Maybe younger members can appreciate racing with the larger than life heroes of an era gone by , the drivers who went before and made everything we see on the track in this sport today possible. By putting this on the newest of Stockcar mods in NR2003, we want to instill some history into your sim racing.

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Awesome idea and great work by some seriously talented painters. Thank You!
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You guys are amazing! Easy download. Thank you for all that you guys do for us! Great set!
Amazing! Thank you all so so so sooooo much!
Thank-you for the support!
You guys go above and beyond! Thank you to everyone involved. It must have been a lot of work to get references to get the cars correct and put them on the templates. I appreciate the time y'all took to do these. Again, THANKS!!
We love to do these sets, they keep us painting...THANK-YOU