2021 Todd Gilliland Crosley Brands F150

2021 Todd Gilliland Crosley Brands F150 V38

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Mod: CWS15
Template: Team BER, Omega
Base(s): what base
Number: BER
Logo: sweetracerdude (Frontline Logo), Google, John Gamboa (Crosley/Speedco/Safety Kleen logos), Front Row, Me,
Pattio Watermark: @ThatPainterDude
Most of Contigs: BER
Render: @Mystical

Glad to finally do this one, I wish the logos looked a tiny bit cleaner but work with what you got.

also unfortunately this will be one with a watermark on it as I know that this would be a big one for pattio

car_Double_Car_Cam  (1).png
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Sweet truck!! Wish he did a longer burnout at the race, would have been cool to see all the smoke on the stands next to me, lol.
Thanks man, this is one I've really really wanted to do. Also lol
finally a truck good job