2021 David Gilliland Las Vegas

2021 David Gilliland Las Vegas 2021-04-03

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  1. Update V2

    Updated the truck bed as best as i could with the lone photo i have. Thank you @MrDude68 for...

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great truck will werget a truck set ?
You're killing it with these!! Thanks so much for sharing. Not many people seem to be tackling the truck series so far this year.

Only thing I noticed on this one: the truck had the big blue Ford logo on the deck lid instead of the DGR logo that Herbst's truck had. Seen in this image: https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-truck/photos/david-gilliland-team-dgr-ford-f-150-53225058/53225058/
Hmm interesting, this truck was a bitch for that reason of no photos of it. Thought I saw the DGR logo on the back, but I guess it was the Ford lettering (I made this truck first before the Herbst). I'll likely change it.

I am and I'm not, Wyatt went so hard last year, I expected him to take a long break from it (which is really deserved). John will probably get some trucks out sooner or later, just a matter of time.

Although it is weird seeing most of the Trucks made, DGR ones lol
Great job as always! Very accurate.
Thank you, Also forgot to tag you last time for the pitbox, made sure not to make that mistake this time lol!