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  1. Anthony Stuart

    Adam Petty Memorial Speedway 2024 1.01

    After my 2022 build of this track got such a good reception, I've been poking at this track ever since, and it's finally ready for a re-release! Featuring updated AI, SAFER Barriers, reconfigured infield, and support for multiple physics mods by myself and Sellers Gaming, plus numerous other...
  2. Anthony Stuart

    Adam Petty Memorial Speedway (2022) 1.01b

    Second Life's most historic oval track, built in 2007 and closed in 2019, is now in NR2003! Ultra high banks, compound banking, a very unique layout, and a 47 car pit road will provide some awesome side by side and three wide battles throughout a run - just watch out for the exit of turn 2...
  3. Anthony Stuart

    NextGen4 physics 1.0

    This is my concept of what gen 4 cars would drive like if NASCAR stuck with it instead of the messes that were the COT and the Gen 6 cars. It's got quite a few changes from 2007, but I think I've maintained the spirit of those cars in a more modern setting. This exe was made to use CTS...